The Great Virtual Wall

Just read some news regarding Chinese search engine Baidu doing some development copying the Google's OS Android to make a mobile OS called yi.

When seeing the website, I realized how lame China has become. And this came in to my head. The great firewall in place in China. I wanted to do a comparison of a controversial search term.

Enough words, see the pics. This is what internet censorship means. Lets hope our government don't implement something like this.!

The search term was "Tianamen Massacre"
This is the bing results set:

Google's hits:

 What our old friend Yahoo! had to say:

And finally, this is the Baidu result set! According to them, I've searched for a myth! XD

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  1. Anusha Says:

    but they are the reason why we can get gadgets at the current price. to that, i am really thankful to them. :)

    that said, i'm also thankful for not being a Chinese. XD