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With the boom of the social networking sites comes the apps. Facebook has almost the number of apps equal to the number of users. But with apps come security issues that is not a good thing to ignore.

I needed to develop an application at office for some test. Got me quite some time to figure out the API requirements and authentication schemes. It is with some training and trail and error that I figured the thing out.

With that, I got a warning to give out to you guys. When an application adds to your profile, it requests some rights. You might remember the window that has two buttons saying "Allow" and "Disallow". When you allow an app the right, say to post to your wall, its normally granted when you are online and for a limited time. (but, there is a certain mode that apps can request to function when you are offline)
When this right its granted, the third party site can use a token to request information in your profile from facebook.

The risk with this API is that, when you grant the permissions, its for ever. Until you remove the app from the profile, it can play GOD!
If it has the correct permissions, which you seldom check when granting by clicking "yes", it can add or remove friends, access your pictures (and even store them in their site) and even send and respond to your friend's messages.

So when you add an app next time, make sure you read what's in the rights dialog box. And refrain from adding apps like "what kind of celebrity ass you have" or "what color is your ghost's ass". I think you realize we don't need to give access to some stupid app to ruin our account. Remember, once you add the app, it takes seconds for it to gather almost all the information it can from the profile, and even if you remove it later, that information is still there in a third party sever!

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  1. නදුන් උයන Says:

    An very important article..
    Thankx for sharing...

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  4. Pasindu De Silva Says:

    Faceobook apps are very dangerous , it request to photos it means it has permissions to look at pics , comments on it , likes on the comments and likes on the picture, different size of the pic and should I even go on :D