Logitech’s Idea of languages


do you speak this language? I don’t!

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youPissMe, iPayback! Unlocking an Apple iPhone 3GS.

After my cousin brothers asked me whether I could unlock an iPhone 3GS, I could not say no to it because of two things. Firstly, I know damn well the guides are out there and there is this small grudge with mister Jobbs, for ruining the face of technology and for suing my favorite hardware developer Samsung for no apparent reason other than the definition of the word “icon”.!

So I got the phone yesterday for the ultimate task, unlocking the iPhone. Strange thing though, I didn’t feel much awe towards it when I laid hands on it. This was the first time I got my hands on an iPhone like this. Beforehand, I just got glimpses or I got to hold it and give it back. But after all that droid over me it was just another phone, far inferior in technology and innovation. A mere shadow, which was once the great iPhone. I remember how much I awed it back then when the first iPhone came out. But, people in the office had some love towards it though.

The first thing I did to it was take some photos of the phone with it’s Chinese cousin. Harsha was using a phone from Korea called the “WiFi phone” which was a copy of the iPhone. Look at the friends in hands.


The unlock screens of the phones. Hey Mr. Silva in the real phone and Master Chipmunks in the fake.! Please ignore the time on the 3GS, its never been up on a network to get SL time on it.!


The sides. Notice the contacts on the lower one? That’s the wifi phone’s dock connector. It has a small diary like dock mechanism which has a qwerty keypad in it. We’re so used to calling Harsha “Talking to the Diary to get an appointment” when he speaks on it! (For that same reason he doesn’t bring the dock to office anymore!)



Top and left sides. Notice the volume rocker in the iPhone.


The backs.! the real iPhone is on the right side.

So I took it home. After coming home, it was reading for the methods all along. There were so many methods. Rather confusing ways than rooting an android!

For those of you who don’t know, the iPhone is given to people on a contract. The “Contract” says that you need to produce a credit check to the seller. Only valid citizens of the country and in case of USA, green card holders can produce this. You MUST sign the contract to get the iPhone at the lower price. Even if you don’t want the contract, you still need to produce the documentation and buy the phone at a alarming prize. Usually about $200 more than what you pay with the contract, and this is the best part…you still get an operator locked phone! (yes, and are you still wondering why I have grudges with Jobbs?)

Unlike android phones having a simple setting to permit apps to be installed from sources outside the market, the stock iPhone does not let you install apps off anywhere other than the apple’s “App Store”. This, however can be avoided. Its called “Jailbreaking” the iPhone. This of course violates the terms and conditions of the contract and voids your warranty. Its of course synonymous to “the crap at the top of the ‘I agree’ button” in SL!

Its still not operator unlocked. To do that there is an app called Cydia. which can be installed a software addon called ultrasn0w to unlock the device.

So after some reading, I decided to use the redsn0w method to Jailbreak the device. It was on IOS version 4.3.3 and had a baseband version 05.16.02. According to this guide, this baseband cannot be unlocked with ultrasn0w. I need to upgrade the baseband to 06.15.00 to do that.

The baseband upgrade can only be done with flashing an IOS of the iPad to the iPhone. Don’t ask me how that works, I think it works as fine as the HTC firmware working on my X8!

So I did that at office today. I cant download that effing 400M file at home. It would take forever to download.!

So I got iTunes to restore the downloaded firmware, and reflashed it with the redsn0w application in the PC. Its all there in the guide.


The problem was at step 13. (yeah. 13) The application crash exited with no message in the PC! The phone is now in a special mode to flash it. It does NOT turn ON and there is no response! Now I started panicking a bit. Re-run the software, same thing.!

Then I gave the lappy a reboot! That did the trick! It went forward.! Phew. That got me worried a bit.

After some time, it booted up. The cydia app was there. Now to download the ultrasn0w add-ons! Not that easy! You see, this is still an operator locked phone! But there’s always WiFi! I burrowed a Mobile WiFi hotspot that was in for testing, and then used the HSPA network to link the iPhone to the internet. An alternative would have been to use Barnacle WiFi tethering on my phone – and that would have been ironic – but barnacle was somewhat unstable.

So I downloaded the add-ons and ran it and after a reboot….




It was up and running on the home network!

I got some 3G signals as well. Its not that good in the place I sit, maybe due to some interference. Used a code to change the SMS center number and SMS was OK!

The phone was collected by my brother in the evening. He must be giving it some hard time now! Open-mouthed smile

Today is one hell of a day!

The Plus hype

Google recently launched it's latest product Google Plus to a limited number of users. I got the invitation from one of my friends at work despite Google's message saying that they have run out of invitations.
At first it was way too complex for me to use. But after some time I got the touch of it. The only problem now with plus is that there are no active users there. About 5 purple asked me to invite them, but they don't seem to have come forward.

google better let this loose before this becomes the next wave!

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