Easter egg in Angry Birds for Chrome?

I installed the Angry Birds for Google Chrome application and after some slingshots I got this weird chrome icon spinning inside the window, but in a very large height.

I’m used to dive bomb the birds when I cant aim good enough. Look at what I found!



This chrome icon spins around the black bar seen above. Cant see anything on this on the web!

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  1. Mada360 Says:

    I found this literally today, if you aim high enough or hit the logo it enlarges the chrome logo and spins in the centre of the screen with flashy lines coming from it.

  2. Mada360 Says:



  3. Brad Says:

    i found and hit - what does it do for you?

  4. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Hitting the logo unlocks the chrome levels. After I watched the IO 2011 keynote, I saw this is not an easter egg, but a bonus level clearing mechanism.