Bad cheap 3D glasses

I got one of those Red-Cyan 3D glasses from eBay to check out the 3D options in my 9600 a long time ago. I was playing GRID back then and I tried to play the game in 3D.


But the glasses didn’t seem to give any good quality 3D feeling rather than the game looking washed out and grayish all over. And it gave me a funny feeling in the eyes too.

Today, I found a link saying that You Tube has rolled out some 3D vids and I used the same glasses to check it out. Again, no change and same crap experience.

But after removing the glasses, I had this funny feeling in the eyes.! Turns out I see a more bluish version of the world from my left eye and a more reddish one from the right! Damn you eBay! I’m not going to use these glasses again. And if you have one of these, please use caution using it. My recommendation is not to use it, and if you’re planning to buy, THEY DON’T WORK!

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