Bad cheap 3D glasses

I got one of those Red-Cyan 3D glasses from eBay to check out the 3D options in my 9600 a long time ago. I was playing GRID back then and I tried to play the game in 3D.


But the glasses didn’t seem to give any good quality 3D feeling rather than the game looking washed out and grayish all over. And it gave me a funny feeling in the eyes too.

Today, I found a link saying that You Tube has rolled out some 3D vids and I used the same glasses to check it out. Again, no change and same crap experience.

But after removing the glasses, I had this funny feeling in the eyes.! Turns out I see a more bluish version of the world from my left eye and a more reddish one from the right! Damn you eBay! I’m not going to use these glasses again. And if you have one of these, please use caution using it. My recommendation is not to use it, and if you’re planning to buy, THEY DON’T WORK!

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Easter egg in Angry Birds for Chrome?

I installed the Angry Birds for Google Chrome application and after some slingshots I got this weird chrome icon spinning inside the window, but in a very large height.

I’m used to dive bomb the birds when I cant aim good enough. Look at what I found!



This chrome icon spins around the black bar seen above. Cant see anything on this on the web!

The Solid State

I’ve been drooling at SSDs ever since they came out to the market. Two things stopped me from buying them. First was the price and the second is the unavailability of the drives in SL. I remember Anusha and Gayan imported two Intel SSDs. I had more dire needs at that time than installing an SSD into the PC.

But last week Podi mama said he’s coming from USA to SL. So he asked me at the last minute whether I needed anything transported Open-mouthed smile 

Gave me a dizzy feeling trying to remember something that was light enough for him to bring and something that I could not buy here. After a rigurous search for five minutes (yeah, you read right, that’s what I meant by “last minute”! Confused smile) I got the Samsung 470 series SSDs.

The cheapest was $130 which was 64G. So I went for that since I don’t have much cash for PC hardware! Besides, I wont need a bigger SSD since I don’t have enough RAM to disable the pagefile and pagefiles on SSDs are not a good config.

So he bought this for me from


The looks of the drive are great.



Had to do some software juggling with BIOS to initialize the drive. The same thing that I had to do when I got the new 500G Samsung.

But performance wise, I don’t see any major improvement! Why? This is why;



These guys are slowing me down. Add to that the pagefile in the older drive, you get one sluggish system. So I fear that I’d go for a processor upgrade. It’ll happen if I manage to do two things;

One is to upgrade the BIOS. Yes. Shitcon (aka Foxconn) has a new BIOS updated in their site. It boasts 4G RAM support. If I manage to install the BIOS (which I think wouldn’t be much of an issue) and get another 2G DDR2 RAM from someone and test, I’d be able to verify the 2G+ support.

The second is to sell the existing processor and RAM! I have only 2 RAM slots, so if I get a good offer from someone for the stuff, I’d certainly upgrade.

Ah…almost forgot. The drive labelled “MASCOT”, a present from Madhawa aiya is now a valid data transportation device rather than a Readyboost Drive. Check this out;


Hope this drive continues to satisfy me! Enough for now. Just installed Live writer and Windows is bugging me to restart! I sneaked in to write this post. Theoratically this post should not upload Winking smile.

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