Anusha empowers me with the power of regeneration with the cube!

Ok, its about 4 cubic cm’s short of being a cube, but it is named the cube.

The primo cube is an additional power source for Android and Blackberry phones that has a rating of 1000mAh.

This will enable me to use the phone for more than a day if I travel or run out of power in the middle of something. It gives a headache every time when the phone goes low-battery in the evenings.

Here are some shots.



I should really thank Nush for the gift! hope I could do something in return Open-mouthed smile But alas, we met for 5 minutes in his visit to SL. Sad smile too bad!

The arrows represent the charge of the cube. But I cant get it to 100% with usb. Confused smile wonder whether the amperage of the port is too less. Have to plug it into the phone charger’s USB port. Hope it doesn’t burn! Surprised smile


P.S.: It Just charged to 100% Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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