The new kid on the block…and she’s black!

After selling my old and faithful Maruti 800 and waiting for a nerve wrecking 3 months, I’ve got the new car! A Suzuki Maruti Alto, which unlike my previous car, a brand-new chick with only 30km on the meter! (it was 27km when I started to drive)


Got some photos at home.




Apart from numerous people helped me to get this thing delivered before the actual dreaded delivery time of late February, Kasun helped to get this thing out of the yard faster than I could imagine! :D If it wasn’t for him, I’d be still in the yard!

The meter :D


The main things noticeable which differ from the old car is the feel of the suspension and the power steering system. But the wheel is a bit bigger than the Maruti so I cant get my fingers to cruise control. The brake is also a relief since it has a servo rather than rely on sheer hydraulic pressure.

There are a lot of stuff to install on this car. Will keep you posted when that happens!

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  1. Anusha Says:

    hehe. ooke engine eka sautthu wenna kalin 180kmph walata gihin balanna. un boruwata 180kmph kiyala daalada kauda danne :D

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    180 tiya 80 wath thaama achieve kale na! engine eka season wenakan 50ta yanna lu!

  3. Anusha Says:

    dan season welaa iwarada?

  4. Anusha Says:

    knock knock