Broadband speeds increased

Happy new year to all you guys.

Either the SLT has given us a new year present or the warning issued by TRC has worked. The ADSL speed that is usually 52kbps in my PC now skyrockets to 120kbps!


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The average is around 90kbps. Its felt when I load a lot of images like in facebook photos. So to check whether its me hallucinating, I did two speed checks.

Both the server in USA and the server at SLT report the same speed, nearly 1M downlink. :D :D

So I double checked the router;


Then a utorrent download to test the real thing! ;) Look at the graph hover around 100k for about 5 min I downloaded.


Looks like its true. But I dont have a set of values that used to be here. Hope this stays for good :D

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  1. Anusha Says:

    So this is a 1M line?