To the dark side and back. A walkman's tale by Tharaka Devinda.

It's been a while since i wrote a post. A lot of things happened in the meantime. I sold my car and fell off the ceiling trying to repair a broken ADSL splitter.
But now i'm totally ok apart from the fact that i miss the car a lot. The order time for a new one takes three months!

The most happening thing to me was loosing the phone. Well, I'd call it to the darkness and back.
It happened when my father and i were coming home to Mattegoda from our new home at pubudu mawatha. We hopped into a three wheeler taxi and it had dropped inside the taxi. I figured it out the next day.
After giving up all hope I wrote the imei number and went to office the next day.
Gave the number to some of my buddies but no hope.

Then i waited a few more days and something strange showed up on my Gmail access log. An ip address that i haven't seen before.

I knew it was the phone since i didn't change the password of the account. Good old IMAP was fetching mail!

I did a whois search and got that the ip address was etisalat's allocated list for gprs. Now that i have the operator, all i had to do was to get the number out. While filing in a complain at the police station, i pulled some strings. Since our officers don't know the difference between gps and gprs, i had to do that in order to get my phone back before google releases android version 10.

But the thief in this case was dubious after me calling his number and all, he decided to hand me the phone back, despite him having used it for some time. But he told me that he was looking for the owner. I wonder how he was doing that with his sim card in my phone!

Anyway, this walkman was'nt going to loose me that time. I have to be more careful with my electronic stuff.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what an innocent thief?

  2. Anusha Dharmasena Says:

    Hebei ooka nathi unaanang, aluth ekak ganna thibba.