Really annoying add-on Software

Have you ever come across add-on software put on devices by the makers that is actually a pest rather than help? Well, I’ve come across many. Most of them are in Laptops. For an example, I remember two of my friends owning two acer laptops and one of them had some software that made windows arrange on the desktop. When one of them showed-off that feature to me I made the other laptop ‘without’ that add-on do the same thing by using “Arrange windows” feature in Windows itself!

So you see, there are some software developers out there that are somewhat dumber than you’d imagine.

The reason for this post was one such software I came across today.

It was on a Western Digital external USB HDD. Madhavi and Hasitha came over today for a chat and Mad was ‘sane’ enough to bring up her new toy from Aussie, an External HDD! All she wanted was some music but I didn’t have much. So I agreed to give some movies instead. So after they went home giving me the disk, I plugged it in (with the moral fear of her bringing me an array of viruses in her USB’s) and waited for it.

It turned out bad! The damn thing had some software that made the HDD look like a CD-ROM to the PC.! I assumed this was some mechanism to keep the viruses from the disk. So I used the software to install a driver it had inside and then tried to get the internal storage to unlock. The stupid thing won’t barge!

Me being allergic to these add-ons, I called Mad and asked her what she did normally when she used the drive and got the most unexpected reply. (Getting an unexpected reply wasn’t that unexpected anyway) She never plugged the thing onto the PC before. Making me the idiot who used it for the first time!

I asked her whether I should remove this piece of rotten meat out of the drive. And as always, her reply was “if you don’t burn it down, OK with me.”

So armed with clearance, I tried to use the software to get the disk to open again. But no detection from the software

Then I checked the Storage devices whether the partitions were really available. They were visible and it was clear that none of them were mounted.

So I came to the conclusion that the driver would not mount the partitions at all and I mounted one manually. And voila! The software starts to show up the drive’s storage.! How stupid was that? It looks like any idiot could use the software as long as that idiot knows how to mount drives up!

So I installed another software on the drive that was some kind of tray icon launcher. It told me to power cycle the drive, which I did and after that, the CD-ROM thing was gone!

I realized this was a no-good piece of crap which WD software guys wrote when they were using laptops in the bathroom. So I manually deleted all the partitions and then re-created two new ones one with 300GB and the other 404GB (ironic! 404 – stands for “Not Found” :D)

The drive was not fully usable. Named the partitions “Vidi” and “Vici”. I never went anywhere. It came to me! But I saw and I conquered.!

The copying speed was good as well. But not that good compared to my USB Flash!

Hope Mad can still use it when she plugs the drive onto her laptop. :D