Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is the first FPS I got to play after HL2 EP2.

Its a bit more like Stalker. But this is better. In my viewpoint, STALKER sucked. No in-game sense of direction or any hints for help. But Metro has some sense of play. One could assume this is the way to go or this is what I need to do now.

But the game is overly dark. You have to use the flashlight a lot. They also know it. There is a flashlight charger to charge the flashlight as well. :D

I need to mention this as well; my 9600GT is an old granpa for this game. It runs at around 23~25 FPS and sometimes drops to 18. The video settings are at one level lower than the most detailed with 4XAA (lowest setting) at 1024x768 res.

Here are some screenies;

The menu.

This is a guy talking about Russia before the Nuclear weapons destroyed the world.

This game has nVidia physics support. This shattered glass will make sounds and alert the bandits if we step on it. There are traps made out of strings as well. But I’m still to see FEAR grade physics in this.

Here is another place.

The game title itself is displayed at many places. There are DVD boxes on desks of people as well. Its a bit too much sometimes.

Here’s an alien of some sort. Maybe a mutated human or something. Need to find that out by playing :D


Will post if there’s any other interesting stuff is there. I think most of you guys have played this and aren’t a Grandpa to Games like I am now. :D

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  1. Anusha Says:

    I get 15 fps too. 1080p is a bitch! Anyways, I didn't like it at all. Now playing Battlefield BadCompany 2.

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    hehe.. lol. I play at 1024p. Funny. (Who cares about the V pixels right ;) )

    Anyway, I need to get that game. BC2. TPB to the rescue!!! :D :D