The fall of a Giant…

Too bad I have to write a sad story after a long pause! For the first time in nine years, my 40GB Maxtor hard disk has failed! It all began when I tested a new software called xcode which would have enabled me to write some test apps to the iPhone.

But I found out that my version of leopard was not compatible with the software. So I decided to install the long awaited snow leopard x86 hackintosh. So i made up my mind and shut the mac down. That’s when all the problems started to arise. Everything got stuck. Nothing was Force closable and nothing was responsive except the mouse pointer which gave the busy icon.

So I had no choice other than to reset the system. Then I swapped the boot priority from BIOS and booted into Win7. But it took a very long time to boot. Then I noticed that my 40G Maxtor and the DVD RW was not there in ‘My Computer’. That’s when the fun began. After playing a bit with BIOS and cable I got to know that the Maxtor was faulty.

Then I checked BIOS. It detected the disk as Maxtor ‘ARES 64K’, with something I’ve never seen before. The “ARES 64” actually Blinked in the screen. This was enough to trigger the internal debug mode of myself. I knew the disk was burnt the instance I saw that.

I downloaded a zerofill tool. But the tool was not able to detect my disk or even initialize it.


Look at the disk space reported by the software. LoL. I could’ve downloaded the whole internet if I had such a disk!

Windows was not able to initialize the disk either.

That was yesterday. I tried some zerofill utilities today but nothing worked. There is one solution from Maxtor and the damn thing does not run on x64! CRAP!

Then I got my hands on a Maxtor software called Powermax. It had only a floppy version and after some googling I got an ISO. Burnt it to a CDRW and booted. It detected and told me that the disk was failing and I should send the error codes and the disk to maxtor for repair. Hell.! Maxtor don’t even exist now! Its been bought by Seagate. After that, all the utility software in the downloads have been moved. Stupid Seagate.!

So I tried Zero-Filling with PowerMax. Then I struck on to the brick wall of coders’ lameness.! The software was designed to run on a floppy. When it starts to zerofill, it writes a log file to the floppy itself. The CD is ROM! Unable to write the damn log, the software gives and error and exits.!!! How bad is that!????

Now I’m going to try a more cunning approach. I’m going to get the .img of the same software to a pen, and boot. Luckily, it might work.. Will keep you posted.!

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