Bad Company 2 – My Experience

I’ve been playing the game for about a week now and was trying to write something about it for the same amount of time. The problem was, I couldn’t get myself to write the blog in the time when I could stay awake and play! Its such a good game I had to wait till I finish it to write about it.

Bad company 2 is a COD style cold war era game. I’m not pretty sure about the timeline though.

There are many good things about this game, first being it’s lightweight. I’ve been playing 1024 all the way and the FPS only drops at about 19 where there’s an awesome amount of particles and foliage and a lot of enemies and buildings around. Whoever made this game was really conscious about the memory and processing power it needs.

There are so many cool stuff here. Take a look at this sniper shot. You have to wait till it thunders and cover the sound of the gun.

There are a lot of activities in-game. You not only have to point and shoot. You have to operate vehicles ranging from Remote controlled Arial vehicles to Tanks. I personally love the jeeps and dune buggies.

There are some intense cases as well. Take this trap for example. During this mission, we have to keep our eyes open for man-traps laid out in the open. They are so small and are hard to spot. [click to zoom]. Check out the trap wire near the crosshair.

The game’s physics engine rocks to the limit. Trees break apart and walls break down in the shootouts. And the best part is; buildings collapse when their structure is damaged beyond a certain point.! Take a look at this bombing. The ground troops mark the target and keep your eyes on the building in the incline where it falls out completely. Totally realistic!

The foliage and the surrounding is also exquisite. I guess I dont have to explain when you see the movie below!

There are some crazy-ass characters like this pilot. He dodges RPG while talking to the crew!

I’d say this is one great game I’d remember and talk about for a long time and when times come where other games make mistakes. This is one good benchmark. Good games like COD, Crysis and Bad Company are really rare!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    still gaming eh? :P

  2. බිඟූ...! Says:

    i like first person games