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Some of us surf the web a lot more than we do other things. Amongst a lot of other stuff, we expect our websites to be clean and ad-free as much as possible. That is if you’re not buying stuff on EBay. Ads are good when it comes to online marketing and stuff. But when ads pop up saying you’re the 99999th winner or something, or it flashes in your face telling you to play some kind of game, it annoys you.

For those who dont use Firefox, this is another pull towards the world’s greatest browser. (This is for you opera users and Chrome junkies and you safari fans. Not for IE guys coz i’ve given up on them :S )

Ad block plus is an extension that is developed by a person named Henrik Aasted Sorensen and was improved by Wladimir Palant.

The add-on does the exact thing as it says. It blocks those ads. Even mighty Google fails to pass this app! What it does is; it examines the URL of the HTTP object and it tells firefox whether to go ahead with the GET action or not. What we can do now, is to gather up all those URLs of Ads and then filter them on the browser. Not an easy task. The internet is HUGE!

Happily, the developers have come up with a solution. Subscriptions. They have a set of rules (filters) for specific areas that we can use. As an example, I use the subscription called “Easylist USA”

So whats the big deal not seeing the ads?

One main advantage is bandwidth. Ads take a considerable amount of your bandwidth. It is you who have to download the ad. With that ad, comes a lot of kilobytes. reduce the number of ads and you reduce the amount of data you download. If you are on a pay per downloaded data plan, you gain bigtime!

Another advantage you get is the neatness of the pages. Ads aren’t always designed by the person who designs the webpage. They may take away the aesthetic value and even some functionality in a page. So if you refrain from seeing/loading the ad, you see a much more organized page.

The third is a wonder point for notebook / netbook users. Adblock actually has proven to reduce the load off the browser and preserve battery.! The less computing power used by the browser means you save on battery life.

It will reduce the load time for a website as well. See the pics below for facebook with and without ad-block in Firefox 3.6.3 with Firebug. Notice there is a time difference.  [click to enlarge images]

With Adblock Enabled (No Ads) Without Adblock Enabled.

If there were a lot of ads, this time might start to feel even though its small for this load. Imagine when you load the FB pages 50,60 times. Adblock will save you a minute.!

The following screenies are from famous sites with and without AdBlock enabled. See the difference yourself. [Click to enlarge the images]

With Adblock Without Adblock

The site ‘’ (our all time favorite torrent tracker) had banners on it’s side. It took me around a year to realize they were there. I never knew it. I got to see it only when I used to browse the site through another PC! Thats how seamless Adblock is!

There are the cons as well. For an example, you might miss on some important information in the ad. And Adblock has proven to be a killer in the internet business. Since all adsense and other ad content are blocked, users won’t click links. Which leads to site owners with less income.

So the final decision is yours.! Do you want those ads or not? :D

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