Cleaning up Conroe’s Mess..!

Yesterday when I tried to copy my Wedding and Homecoming DVDs to duplicate DVDs, I did some stupid thing on the second copy. I ran JetAudio when the disc was burning. Some IRC error must’ve gone up an alarm was coming from the PC.! It was a buzzer type alarm which I never heard before. Neither could I get what it was nor was the burner spinning the disc. So I assumed the worst, and ejected the DVD, sacrificing the DVD for the ROM!

I use the free software called CD Burner XP (yeah on Win7!!) to burn CDs coz I’ve had it with Nero! So, the application itself was stuck! So I restarted. The alarm didn’t go away! I shut the PC, then removed the case and rebooted again. In the process, I looked at BIOS settings and PC health counters for any abnormal activities. Then I saw something else.!!!

I ran CoreTemp to check the temperatures, thinking it was a high temp alarm. It wasn’t. But, the values were at 50 something Celsius!!! That is unheard of in my PC. It was 50C when I ran some benchmark Anusha gave me and I stopped it there. Now the PC was running at that temperature!!!

That is when I looked at the CPU! Man! It was a mess. All the dust from the external fan with light was on the cooler. That must be a reason. All that dust must be doing something. So I decided to clean the mess up.

First thing in the morning, removed the case and tried to remove the fan. After some tries, I managed to get it removed. In the process, I managed to loosen one of the CPU heatsink bases. It came off. I was scared that I had to run all round looking for arctic silver if the compound was damaged. Hopefully no.!

These are the pictures of the fan and the heatsink before I cleaned them

So I took the vacuum cleaner and then started sucking everything up. Careful not to suck the resisters in, I did the best I could. Then I noticed something else.

The VGA’s fan was blocked by the old POTS modem in front of it. So the air coming into the fan was
1. Partially moved away because of the blockade.
2. Was already hot from the modem’s own heat.

That’s bad. Since I no longer use the modem, I removed the card and then taped up the opening in the back.

After the clean-up operation, the heatsink and looked like this;

And the temperatures? Look at these values; (click to enlarge)

Now the Idle goes at around 35C. Phew!! That’s a relief!

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  1. GayanNR Says:

    glad you cleaned up the mess, But your dust can't beat up Nushy's dust ain't it xD

  2. fallenzeraphine Says:

    Hahah, I have a habit of cleaning the innards of my PC every 4 months, since almost everything on it is over clocked to the Brim, even a small amount of dust collected on the cooling systems effects the temps, I know its a bitch cleaning it up but its worth it, Gayan is Right, this is No where near as Dirty as Anushas Heat sink LMFAO

  3. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Why are you guys comparing my poor PC with a dust eating monster? :D ROFL!
    Does this mean I'm cleaner than Nushy?

  4. Anusha Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Anusha Says:

    How can you be cleaner than me? All the dust is sucked in by the PC, that there is nothing left outside ==> I'm cleaner than YOU. :P