Chinese Idea of ‘Safe’

I have this Chinese power supply extension which I use for distributing power to my ADSL router, my room’s fan and the speakers of the PC. Its connected to the main power extension cord which gives off power to the PC(UPS) and the rear speakers. Yes, you got it right.! When I said Chinese, it is Cheap Chinese Crap.

When I bought this extension cord, the LED of it won’t light up. It was there for a few years before I was not lazy enough to remove the thing and check! Holy cows to the power of n!!! No wonder this LED did not light up! It was connected to the same ends of the power terminals. The + and – was in the same end (I don’t remember whether it was Live or neutral).

So as usual, praising the Chinease for their great craftsmanship I changed the ends and the thing lit up.! Now I know when the crappy thing was alive.! This was about several months back when I didn’t have the monitor (which means no work to do at the PC, the real reason I had time to remove that)

Today, I connected the vacuum cleaner to the second cord and worked it out for a few miniutes before the room’s light flickered and the Vacuum went off. I knew something was up. So I connected the vacuum to the main cord and continued work. After the work, I removed the crappy pappy once again! To my amazement nothing was burnt!

This is the outer view. Notice the word “Safety” on the plug


[click the pic to enlarge]

This is the inside. As you can see, there is NO SAFETY inside. There is no fuse, no nothing! Its just wires! NEVER TRUST A CHINESE ADAPTER FOR FUSES AND SAFETY!

[click the pic to enlarge]

[click the pic to enlarge]

So what made the vacuum turn off? When I checked, the inside end of the adapter’s power cord did not have any power when it was plugged to a live terminal! Which meant the power cord did not pass the current through! So what’s the safety feature?

The power cord of the extension somehow burnt INSIDE it because of the high current. There was nothing wrong with the extension’s interior. So the Chinese expect their power cords to burn out when the extension draws more power! Well I’d eat my hat!

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  1. Yasela Sumanasinghe Says:

    good ones have a price sana...laba baduwe hilak kianne okata thama