Subaru Defends its honor!

Another downtime and I came to office just now to do some maintenance. On the way it was a boring ride until....I saw a Subaru Impressa in the Thummulla Junction. It had a huge spoiler on the back and had a black boot and a body of some other color. (Some other color? Yeah, read'll see why I didn't see that well)

I thought, "Ok, time to screw this guy as well." Since I passed a heap of vehicles going at snail's speed. Most of them cars with around 2,3 times my CC capacity!
Boy was I wrong!
The strip after Thummulla to Townhall is one way upto until the musaeum. As you know, that half a mile track is a FOUR lane road with zero traffic in the night.! The Impressa's driver got the same thought as I did. DRAG baby DRAG!!!!!!!

I was on 4th and trying to pass the guy at 40kph! What was I thinking. I heard a small screech in the tires off the impressa and whoooooooooosh! It was gone. ! I was in front of the post office of the Colombo uni when I heard the sound. By the time my reflexes got me to shift back to 3rd and chase, he was cruising at about 140kph near the Thurstan Collage!

I chased him alright! I averaged to about 80kph on that strip. I never saw the impressa. Not a sight!

Well Done Subaru. You have made my favorite car even more appealing!!! What a night. Hope the servers wont screw me up!

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  1. Yasela Sumanasinghe Says:

    May I say that differnt drivers have different abilities...

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Yes aiya, and...
    Different cars have different abilities. if I had a Subaru Impressa, I'd have at least followed him@

  3. Anusha Says:

    What were you thinking?

    If you had a Subaru, you'd do 40kmph all the time LOL