Subaru Defends its honor!

Another downtime and I came to office just now to do some maintenance. On the way it was a boring ride until....I saw a Subaru Impressa in the Thummulla Junction. It had a huge spoiler on the back and had a black boot and a body of some other color. (Some other color? Yeah, read'll see why I didn't see that well)

I thought, "Ok, time to screw this guy as well." Since I passed a heap of vehicles going at snail's speed. Most of them cars with around 2,3 times my CC capacity!
Boy was I wrong!
The strip after Thummulla to Townhall is one way upto until the musaeum. As you know, that half a mile track is a FOUR lane road with zero traffic in the night.! The Impressa's driver got the same thought as I did. DRAG baby DRAG!!!!!!!

I was on 4th and trying to pass the guy at 40kph! What was I thinking. I heard a small screech in the tires off the impressa and whoooooooooosh! It was gone. ! I was in front of the post office of the Colombo uni when I heard the sound. By the time my reflexes got me to shift back to 3rd and chase, he was cruising at about 140kph near the Thurstan Collage!

I chased him alright! I averaged to about 80kph on that strip. I never saw the impressa. Not a sight!

Well Done Subaru. You have made my favorite car even more appealing!!! What a night. Hope the servers wont screw me up!

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First cross river swim

Just had a bath in Kalu Ganga (River). This is what I could not do for a long time even after numerous visits to Kasun's place.

The river is about 30m wide as i could assume. On the other side is a huge rock. The challenge is that i cannot stand or put my foot down in the middle since its too deep. You have to swim without stopping in that area.

Step by step execution was successful. Well if it was not, i wont be posting! Its not deadly dangerous but its not safe for a novice.

As always i had to come out about 15min earlier than my friends due to a cramp. But it was damn fun.

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Red diggers

I found these on a tree trunk which is rotting in the backyard.

There is a considerable amount of activity under the bark of the tree. Wonder whether they will leave anything behind for me to make something out of that trunk!

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