Google's Endeavors

Its been a while folks, but I'm still alive and kickin'! and I know you already saw the wedding photos :) Its the first official post as a married man. (Married MAN that sucks, aren't there married boys? Guess we're getting old in one way or another)
Okay, now for the fun stuff....

Google launched its new service Buzz today. (at least it came to my inbox today) Buzz aims at one thing! Social Networking. Google is late to touch this area in the internet but its better late than never. Anyway, my first Buzz post "Lets kick Facebook ass" now feels like an empty statement. Google has a long way to go to get to something like Facebook in it's area of expertise.

The first thing to complain about Buzz is the privacy settings! Its public by default and a lot of people see the buzz posts others do. Privacy was a problem with another service Google launched couple of years ago, which was Street View. A lot of people complained about it.

Another thing is that it might be overly complicated with who follows who! I mean, there are about 30 something people "following" me and I follow some others; including a few from the list who follows me. Which means we're going in circles???? Anyway, its too complicated compared with the linked Friends list of Facebook.

And last, but not least, the usability. There's Hi5, there's Live Spaces, WAYN, and an array of social networking gadgets we don't use as much as Facebook and most of them are on the decline.! Why do we need something thats between Twitter and Facebook? Here too, Google has a similar product. Wave.
Wave was launched with much amazement as Buzz and how many things do you do with Wave?
Wave is a good tool to mach up with things like Cisco's Web-Ex and DimDim. Yet, both those tools are not used well in the market to a great extent.

So will Buzz become just another backdoor to your day-to-day hacker for the people who dont know how to use it, will it become a nuisance in the Labels list, or will it rock? Time will tell. The best thing is to wait and see. The browser war ended, and now starts the Google domination, where will you be?

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