Google Chrome OS

Here comes the OS season again! This time, the Google Chrome is here. I won't be commenting on this until I get a decent installation running. I'm running it right now on the USB stick and its darn slow. Not to mention the stupid resolution as well. It gives me about 800x600 but even the tooltips on ch

Thats all I was able to finish in Chrome.! Back in Windows! Chrome got stuck while I was writing the post!

There was no mouse on the login screen, and if you want to go past the screen, I suggest you have your router on DHCP and login with your Gmail username and password. That default username "facepunch" did not work for me. Every time I pressed TAB after entering the username, it appended "" to the end.

The UI was buggy because it ran on a USB stick! I'll try to eliminate OS-X on my secondary drive and run the OS from there. And I frekin' don't know how to take screenshots. (Too lazy to use the phone). I'll post some later

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