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I’ve been waiting a long time for office 2010 to show up. And no thanks for participating in the E-mail program, I got to know that the Beta was launched!
Damn those developer guys for not sending me the alert mail!!

Anyway, I got it some time back so I decided to give it the shot since there were no pending work that are critical in office apps.

I downloaded the x64 version of the setup and started installing it right away when I was hit with the first hurdle. The 64 bit version will not install on top of the 32 bit Office 2007. So I had to remove it and install from scratch.

The installation went smoothly. But MS guys should have made this more responsive. The setup stopped in the middle for a long time. When I mean it was stopped, even the glowing of the status bar was gone. Suspecting that it was stuck.! Task Manager reported a task with no identification too. This made me find another piece of information! Office 2010 x64 setup is actually a 32 bit program..!!! I even thought about aborting the setup but waited a little longer.


Then it sprang to life once again and finished.

After the installation, I checked out when this thing goes “lights out”. I’ve been here once before with Office 2007’s Beta program and it got expired right when I had a report to write. Looks like this thing will last longer than my copy of Windows 7. The expiration date listed here is 31st October 2010.

Then, I stared off with Word. Its however, the core of the Office Package and what we need it really for…

You can see here that the screen is no different from Office 2007’s word application. But there is one BIG change..!! Don’t see it yet?

Where’s the office button ha?? Well, it had it’s time and now its gone for good I guess.

All the office apps are now equipped with an additional Ribbon which has all the tasks listed. I thought it was stupid at first. But, like the button, it will have to have some getting used to.

This is word after changing the color to the good old Blue theme..

You can hide the ribbon if you want.

This is an open document with Word. The new pane on the left is the navigation bar. When typing large documents like a report, it will be a lot of help. See how my BIT report looks in it? A lot of titles and stuff. Easier to navigate within the doc.

Search opens the navigation panel automatically, its easier to search pressing “Enter” after each hit. No small pop-up blocking your view anymore.

Excel and powerpoint hasn't changed a lot too. I didn't check them into details since I use them very little.
This is excel when opened.

Excel has the bottom at XFD - 1048576. What I don't remember is whether this was the same with 2007. Its definitely larger than the 2003's range.

This is powerpoint with it's Orange Appearance. Its a striking color when put to the new interface. Those designers at Office has done a great job harnessing this color.

This is what it looks like in the editing area

Then onto Outlook. The e-mail solution a lot of us use and continue to get problems with too..
A major change came into outlook in the roll-out of 2010. The ribbon was introduced to Outlook with this version. For some reason, the ribbon was not there in the 2007's outlook client. It is here now.

I've got my eyes into two major features here.

1. Threaded view of E-mail.

All the mails that are related to a certain topic will now be grouped together for viewing convenience. If you like GMail's orgnanization of E-mail, you will love this. You can see the threaded mail in two modes. The first time you click on the drop-down-like arrow to display the threads, it will display all the mail from your contacts. Press it again, and you see the items from your "sent items" folder. Cool? You betcha!

2. Automated replies.

You can specify automated action buttons for routine tasks. The best example for this are the FYI e-mails. You get an Email from your boss about some new thing and you mostly forward them to your collegues saying "FYI", and assume mails like this come a lot to you. Now you can specify a task in the Quick Steps to do just that. Outlook will even add the FYI and fill the TO: field for you. All you need to do is to press the Quick-step, and press send.

Keep in mind that this is not a mail rule. You tell outlook when to do this.!

Another change was for the Send and Recieve button. It was nowhere in the Home tab. There is a separate tab in the ribbon called Send Recieve. Now this is a headache.

But again, office enables you to change the ribbon the way you want it. So I simply added a new Send Recieve component in the Home tab and I can press it anytime I like from the default screen :D

Looking at the overall picture of the software, I'd say this time Microsoft has done a good job. Its been a good year for the development team I guess. After the successful roll-out of Win 7, Microsoft's Profit will go sky high with Office 2010. As for my rating, I'd give it 9/10.

If you have a 32 bit copy and have more information on other products, please leave a comment here. I'd love to see some real excel reviews. They said there were some changes in pivot table (no idea what they are)

Good day to you.!!

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