Firefox 3.6b1 brings Win 7 integration…more of a headache than a feature

Firefox 3.6 beta 1 is here and it has brought some windows 7 integrations. The first thing to notice is the taskbar. Whenever a new Tab is opened, a new instance of Firefox is shown in the taskbar. Which for me, is a headache. Tabs are tabs.! The very reason IE was not preferred over FF is ruled out here. I used it for about 5 minutes and switched back to 3.5.5.!

This is 3.6b1 showing the tabs as instances.



This here is what was before in 3.5.5


They should at least give us the option to choose between whether to show the tabs as instances or not.

Until that is sorted out., I’m into 3.5.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    anyways, looking forward for the final release..

  2. Anusha Says:

    Only reason why I'm using Firefox is because Opera is blocked at work >_>

    Firefox runs so slow on these old P4s. Opera would fly!

  3. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    How can they block a certain application??

    And whats wrong with it to block it?