Shit Happens

Sometime, shit just happens. This is one of those times. When I burnt a DVD with some videos, this was the outcome. Another DVD lost. Take a good look.


The PIF is over 110 !! Unusable to the last bit I guess. The videos were supposed to be deleted after burning this. Good thing I only do that AFTER the Kprobe tests.

Well, I’d have to throw this one away! These are the errors a normal person would not catch. If this disc was used and the files were deleted, that data may have been lost for ever!

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What’s inside what? Virtualization!

I got introduced to Sun VirtualBox from friends at office. One being an Expert on ISP related stuff, he had a similar problem which I had. The VPN! And he had solved it. His problem was; when the VPN is connected, he can’t use the typical connection in the PC to browse internet. Most of the issues have fast answers to problems in the net.

There was another who wanted to keep the IT guys formatting his PC all the time and loosing data every day. He uses VMs to be in the Network Domain and use Ubuntu as the base OS.

My problem is the incompetency of Cisco Geeks! No VPN for 64 bit OS’s. The Virtual Box was the answer to that too.

So I installed the VirtualBox and installed my old WinXP installation.! (Yes I know its old but it had to do) On that, I installed the VPN client. After playing with the networking settings I could make the VM work just like it was a PC plugged into my router using the bridge mode. Now I could connect to the VPN at office and voila.! remote desktop to my PC at office.

At office I had the Virtual Box installed and there was an Ubuntu Box. So running Ubuntu there means I go through many abstraction layers.!

Win 7 –> VM –> XP –> Remote Desktop (XP) –> VM –>Ubuntu.

Feeling dizzy? Look at this!


pretty amazing! :D

So Bye Bye OS-X for VPN!


Its not technically our cat. Nadeera named it kitty. He hangs around the house all day. Wonder whos cat it is. Anyway its a very nice cat. No bad habits and no special liking to food.

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Firefox 3.6b1 brings Win 7 integration…more of a headache than a feature

Firefox 3.6 beta 1 is here and it has brought some windows 7 integrations. The first thing to notice is the taskbar. Whenever a new Tab is opened, a new instance of Firefox is shown in the taskbar. Which for me, is a headache. Tabs are tabs.! The very reason IE was not preferred over FF is ruled out here. I used it for about 5 minutes and switched back to 3.5.5.!

This is 3.6b1 showing the tabs as instances.



This here is what was before in 3.5.5


They should at least give us the option to choose between whether to show the tabs as instances or not.

Until that is sorted out., I’m into 3.5.

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