This is a spider i found at mawanella. Looked like a widow spider. The male was also in the web. But it was way too small to get on my phone cam. Add the fact that i found them in a smelly toilet! :D
Nature is all round us, if we care to look!

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A Space!!! That took enough time..!!

I was doing my adjustments to the code for my BIT project. You' can’t imagine the bugs I create with this coding. It took me the whole evening to figure out an error in the code.

<div id="expiry0"><input type="text" onclick="javascript:showDateFrame(0, 'exp', 'MED1');" size="10" readonly="true" id="expiryTxt0" name="expiryTxt0"/></div>

This piece of code defines my expiry date input. its labelled expiryTxt0. But there was a space after the “0”!!! Javascript kept saying there was no such object as expiryTxt0. Took me about 3 hours and firebug to figure out there was a space in thr html code which made the id “expiryTxt0 “ instead of “expiryTxt0”.

That’s software life!!! Phew!!! I’m happy I got it without doing major changes to the code trying to avoid the error.

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Statcounter Code

I've been dying to install the statcounter code to the blog from office. Seems the proxy server at the office is not letting the blogger scripts through. I could not save any of the Javascript tools from there. Finally, my counter is back! After a long time too..!!!

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Found the 4 channel audio culprit

I’ve so far been able to play 4 channel audio only with other players like Jet Audio with Windows 7. I’ve been able to get a good output with Vista. But something kept me from hearing stereo audio only from 2 speakers. Well, after reading something off the web, I checked out whats up with the drivers. Well, this checkmark has been the culprit. I’ve had it checked. But the drver somehow must’ve got some bug and ignored it.


After un-checking and checking it again, I get 4 channels.. whooppiee!!!

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New Appearace...

The last theme for the blog has not satisfied me well. It had more writing area but there was white strips in the sides. So I've added a new theme. This is a more simpler look to the blog.

I hope to modify the theme and customize the styles myself so that I can play with the CSS in it. Hope anybody who reads find it ok. :D

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