The USB Hub, Made for a purpose!!!

This one goes for Damitha, Devinda and Anusha...
Guys, you remember that Hub I took home after sorting which leftovers were whos? Well, Its serving it's born purpose.

First of all, I remember Devinda taking it as the soldering pad and Damitha taking it as some other holding thing. I've been on the Hub's side and yelled at you guys whenever the hub got battered with heat or weight. Looks like it was born that way.

I can't get my monitor to stop sqeezing the display without tapping it (well, it becomes bashing after a few taps :D)
So I found out, if I held the power cable in such a way, it will be ok. Even when the table shakes, like usually, the display will not sqeeze. Till I get this to the Unity Idiots to fix, guess whats holding that power cable in place....

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