Shift is SHIT!!!

Finally found a workaroud to bypass the error in Shift starting...
Am I happy? I was, before I played. All I got for NFS this time is a bunch of complains. Face it guys... NFS's golden days are over.!!

These are the issues I got in it:
1. Gameplay: Exactly as GRID. I'm glad I played GRID before this. These suckers even laid a line on the track telling the driver about the best lane to take in a turn.!!! Idiotic!!! Looks like EA did the same thing as Microsoft when they saw OS-X. Copying!!!

2. Graphics: i'm not going to complain much about this department. I'm in the cheap category for Display drivers (and yes the 9600GT is now cheap).
The game has NO world to render as much as even in Mostwanted, Carbon or I think even in Pro Street. This game runs at about 15FPS in my PC. Wonder whats the reason... :S Like I said, this is just nagging, not a valid complain.!!

3. Menus: You cant quit the game from a race!!! @#@$@#$%!@#!@#

There are heaps of other reasons for people I guess...

This is the first time I heard an idiot talk about NFS in the intro movie. This time even the Intro sucks in my standards.!

All in looks like I wont be playing shift until I'm fed up with GRID and there is no way for me to lay hands on FEAR 2. :@

EA.... you should stop the series and keep the reputation of NFS and yours if you are going to continue like this! First Pro Street and now this??? Pathetic!

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  1. GayanNR Says:

    Why not FEAR 2 ? XD

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Yeah!! After I get bored with GRID (hope that will happen one day coz i need some decent sleep) I'm going to get FEAR 2 into action :D

  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower Says:

    I thought shift was better compared to last two games of the series. Not the best sim though, i agree.

    Btw play Batman Arkham Asylum.


  4. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Thanks LST. I know, its a bit better. yet, we expect more from NFS. After all, it has a reputation to keep!

  5. Anusha Says:

    wtf! i get 35-70 fps in Shift. Even when I recorded the videos using FRAPS, the fps didn't fall below 30!!!

    But someone else with 9800GT on Win7 x64 told me he could never get the fps above 20fps even with the lowest settings. So weird. I think Microsoft loves me XD I demand free Windows and Office packages from now onwards!!! XD

  6. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    @Anusha: බලං ඉඳපං.. උං ගෙදරටම ඇවිල්ල දාලම දෙයි!

  7. Anusha Says:

    Nae gedetta enna oone nae. Mata genuine keys dunnama athi :P