Flaming rubber after a long time…

Installed both Need for Speed Shift and Race driver GRID onto my PC on
Sunday. Shift proved reluctant to run and gave an error. So what! I had GRID,
which was supposed to be the real source for NFSS although it was a bit older.

I was having my dinner while installing GRID and after it came up, I keyed in
and got it to a race. I didn’t set the Graphics as I normally do, but they
seemed quite OK. I’ve seen GRID but not to the extent that I play it even a bit.
It was in an exhibition in BMICH I saw the game. I knew it was hard to

 But look at this!!! I didn’t expect that Cockpit view to be that good and
certainly did NOT expect the driving to be in the Right hand side!!

Got some basic screenies while playing. The damage in this game is awesome.!! More will come some time laters!!! :D

This is before the start of a race while the countdown...

And this is when the cars pickup... you know the deal when the musclers pick up.!!

Smoke is a killer.! Sometimes it becomes so thick, and when you've spinned around, the guy behind you appears from the smoke like a bullet, hitting you again !!

This is the mustang before it took that Red paint.

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