Covering Every Grid on the board...!!

GRIDs been my pastime for a few days now. I'm Still playing the career mode of the game called the "GRID World" and I've tried some online gaming too. I suck at Online tracks and the players there might be going nuts over the guy who hugs all the fences around!!

Here's some cool screenies I was able to get with FRAPS. I'm emphasizing on the special effects of the game here. Controls will be dealt with later when I have a way to encode my video to suit you tube :D

This is the first thing you will notice in GRID...SMOKE ! There's so much smoke; sometimes cars appear through smoked areas like bullets, the next thing you see after that is the next thing I like in GRID! Damage!

This is the transformation which happens when you try to start the race by picking up!!!

Notice the smoke? And I guarantee you, all this time, my frame rate was over 30..!! This engine is cool and lightweight on the Video Card. (I play this at 1024x768)

The damage comes in both the forms, Visual and Physical. Ring any bell? Yes! This was a setting in Need For Speed 4 (High Stakes). Grid people managed to keep it that way with the increasing weight and complexity of the car models.!! While NFS slowly dropped it till Pro Steet came and sucked bigtime!

Here you see visual damage, the buffer will hang like this until you get a jolt to the car and it will fall off.

These are impacts. They result in minimal and in the second case, some serious damage

Notice the tyres in the sides and the particles of the rear of the car. This is the flashback mode, where you can correct your errors by rewinding the game, in the in-game pause menu!

When the car is too damaged, some parts may break for ever. In this stage, you have three choices, Restart, Rewind and use the game's replay flashback, or Retire!

Notice the broken wheel and hubs.!!

Then there are the shadows.. look at this!

The cockpit view is also awesome. But it is very hard to manouver the car in this mode. I've only tried one race with a Skyline because it had Right hand side Driving!

Modelling of the cars is also good. Look at this Skyline, perfect model with lighting applied.

All in all, GRID proves to be a good game  developed with care for the weight of the graphics and the FPS. Then there are the effects. Keeping these two in balance is a very hard task.! As for me, I'd give 9.5/10 for this game...!

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