Almost Lost the Pen drive

I needed to install MAC OS-X 10.6, the latest build named Snow Leopard. So I downloaded a copy of the dmg file. The method was not that straightforward like installing Leopard. The DMG was more than 5GB in size. So I had two options. One was to find a dual layer DVD and burn the image. The other was to use a secondary disk.

The DVD was out of the question since it was costly. I was sure this can be done with zero cost. So I read some web articles saying I can use another disk in the system. I’m installing this to the smaller HDD the MAXTOR. There is no way I’m going to use the Larger 500GB Samsung and risk all the data, including my BIT project.!

So I read somewhere I can use the flash drive and I did.! I copied all the data to the smaller 4GB drive and formatted the 8GB one to the MAC’s GUID file system.

Bad luck. The installation went crap and I had to abandon the project till this BIT project is over. And I needed the flash drive back.

Up springs the problem.

Windows cannot and will not format a partition already formatted with GUID!!!! CRAP!!!

Lucky I had the Leo Installation handy in the smaller disk. I booted into Leo and erased all the partitions and returned to windows. Again, disaster. The Drive registers as 200MB, and there’s another 7.2 GB partition, again, un formattable!!

Back in to Leo, erased all partitions and left the drive as free space.! Again CRAP! Windows is not able to recognize the actual size of the drive.!


Back into Leo!!!!! (Yes, it did make me dizzy and I know you are now too!)

Partitioned it back to FAT! Phew, Win 7 was able to recognize the ol’ Duckling Once again! It was like freefalling and struggling to pull the para cord! I’m glad the chute finally opened!

I almost lost BIOS settings too while trying to install Snow Leopard. It did some crap to BIOS! So project snow leopard is left alone for now.! Maybe when the projects are done, a clean, non-beta distro will be there.! Until then, its Win 7 and Leo!

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