The USB Hub, Made for a purpose!!!

This one goes for Damitha, Devinda and Anusha...
Guys, you remember that Hub I took home after sorting which leftovers were whos? Well, Its serving it's born purpose.

First of all, I remember Devinda taking it as the soldering pad and Damitha taking it as some other holding thing. I've been on the Hub's side and yelled at you guys whenever the hub got battered with heat or weight. Looks like it was born that way.

I can't get my monitor to stop sqeezing the display without tapping it (well, it becomes bashing after a few taps :D)
So I found out, if I held the power cable in such a way, it will be ok. Even when the table shakes, like usually, the display will not sqeeze. Till I get this to the Unity Idiots to fix, guess whats holding that power cable in place....

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GRID Clips

Here are the GRID clips;
Nissan Skyline:


Enjoy :D

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Covering Every Grid on the board...!!

GRIDs been my pastime for a few days now. I'm Still playing the career mode of the game called the "GRID World" and I've tried some online gaming too. I suck at Online tracks and the players there might be going nuts over the guy who hugs all the fences around!!

Here's some cool screenies I was able to get with FRAPS. I'm emphasizing on the special effects of the game here. Controls will be dealt with later when I have a way to encode my video to suit you tube :D

This is the first thing you will notice in GRID...SMOKE ! There's so much smoke; sometimes cars appear through smoked areas like bullets, the next thing you see after that is the next thing I like in GRID! Damage!

This is the transformation which happens when you try to start the race by picking up!!!

Notice the smoke? And I guarantee you, all this time, my frame rate was over 30..!! This engine is cool and lightweight on the Video Card. (I play this at 1024x768)

The damage comes in both the forms, Visual and Physical. Ring any bell? Yes! This was a setting in Need For Speed 4 (High Stakes). Grid people managed to keep it that way with the increasing weight and complexity of the car models.!! While NFS slowly dropped it till Pro Steet came and sucked bigtime!

Here you see visual damage, the buffer will hang like this until you get a jolt to the car and it will fall off.

These are impacts. They result in minimal and in the second case, some serious damage

Notice the tyres in the sides and the particles of the rear of the car. This is the flashback mode, where you can correct your errors by rewinding the game, in the in-game pause menu!

When the car is too damaged, some parts may break for ever. In this stage, you have three choices, Restart, Rewind and use the game's replay flashback, or Retire!

Notice the broken wheel and hubs.!!

Then there are the shadows.. look at this!

The cockpit view is also awesome. But it is very hard to manouver the car in this mode. I've only tried one race with a Skyline because it had Right hand side Driving!

Modelling of the cars is also good. Look at this Skyline, perfect model with lighting applied.

All in all, GRID proves to be a good game  developed with care for the weight of the graphics and the FPS. Then there are the effects. Keeping these two in balance is a very hard task.! As for me, I'd give 9.5/10 for this game...!

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Shift is SHIT!!!

Finally found a workaroud to bypass the error in Shift starting...
Am I happy? I was, before I played. All I got for NFS this time is a bunch of complains. Face it guys... NFS's golden days are over.!!

These are the issues I got in it:
1. Gameplay: Exactly as GRID. I'm glad I played GRID before this. These suckers even laid a line on the track telling the driver about the best lane to take in a turn.!!! Idiotic!!! Looks like EA did the same thing as Microsoft when they saw OS-X. Copying!!!

2. Graphics: i'm not going to complain much about this department. I'm in the cheap category for Display drivers (and yes the 9600GT is now cheap).
The game has NO world to render as much as even in Mostwanted, Carbon or I think even in Pro Street. This game runs at about 15FPS in my PC. Wonder whats the reason... :S Like I said, this is just nagging, not a valid complain.!!

3. Menus: You cant quit the game from a race!!! @#@$@#$%!@#!@#

There are heaps of other reasons for people I guess...

This is the first time I heard an idiot talk about NFS in the intro movie. This time even the Intro sucks in my standards.!

All in looks like I wont be playing shift until I'm fed up with GRID and there is no way for me to lay hands on FEAR 2. :@

EA.... you should stop the series and keep the reputation of NFS and yours if you are going to continue like this! First Pro Street and now this??? Pathetic!

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Flaming rubber after a long time…

Installed both Need for Speed Shift and Race driver GRID onto my PC on
Sunday. Shift proved reluctant to run and gave an error. So what! I had GRID,
which was supposed to be the real source for NFSS although it was a bit older.

I was having my dinner while installing GRID and after it came up, I keyed in
and got it to a race. I didn’t set the Graphics as I normally do, but they
seemed quite OK. I’ve seen GRID but not to the extent that I play it even a bit.
It was in an exhibition in BMICH I saw the game. I knew it was hard to

 But look at this!!! I didn’t expect that Cockpit view to be that good and
certainly did NOT expect the driving to be in the Right hand side!!

Got some basic screenies while playing. The damage in this game is awesome.!! More will come some time laters!!! :D

This is before the start of a race while the countdown...

And this is when the cars pickup... you know the deal when the musclers pick up.!!

Smoke is a killer.! Sometimes it becomes so thick, and when you've spinned around, the guy behind you appears from the smoke like a bullet, hitting you again !!

This is the mustang before it took that Red paint.

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Installing Leopard again...

I had to install Leo again on the secondary disk. This time it was not for testing the OS. But I needed some x86 software to run the CIsco VPN client. Installing XP or Vista would've been ok but my XP DVD is not in a good shape. And Vista x86 version sucks.
So I went to a clean installation of OS-X 10.5.1. This is the same Kalyway installation I used back then to test the OS.

But the DVD has some error I guess. There is no Audio. I'm done debugging this. I have what I need. The VPN client runs. Stupid Cisco guys really need to build a good 64 bit VPN client for us 64 bit OS users out there.!!!

Here's a screenie for completion :D

Screenie from Apple

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Almost Lost the Pen drive

I needed to install MAC OS-X 10.6, the latest build named Snow Leopard. So I downloaded a copy of the dmg file. The method was not that straightforward like installing Leopard. The DMG was more than 5GB in size. So I had two options. One was to find a dual layer DVD and burn the image. The other was to use a secondary disk.

The DVD was out of the question since it was costly. I was sure this can be done with zero cost. So I read some web articles saying I can use another disk in the system. I’m installing this to the smaller HDD the MAXTOR. There is no way I’m going to use the Larger 500GB Samsung and risk all the data, including my BIT project.!

So I read somewhere I can use the flash drive and I did.! I copied all the data to the smaller 4GB drive and formatted the 8GB one to the MAC’s GUID file system.

Bad luck. The installation went crap and I had to abandon the project till this BIT project is over. And I needed the flash drive back.

Up springs the problem.

Windows cannot and will not format a partition already formatted with GUID!!!! CRAP!!!

Lucky I had the Leo Installation handy in the smaller disk. I booted into Leo and erased all the partitions and returned to windows. Again, disaster. The Drive registers as 200MB, and there’s another 7.2 GB partition, again, un formattable!!

Back in to Leo, erased all partitions and left the drive as free space.! Again CRAP! Windows is not able to recognize the actual size of the drive.!


Back into Leo!!!!! (Yes, it did make me dizzy and I know you are now too!)

Partitioned it back to FAT! Phew, Win 7 was able to recognize the ol’ Duckling Once again! It was like freefalling and struggling to pull the para cord! I’m glad the chute finally opened!

I almost lost BIOS settings too while trying to install Snow Leopard. It did some crap to BIOS! So project snow leopard is left alone for now.! Maybe when the projects are done, a clean, non-beta distro will be there.! Until then, its Win 7 and Leo!

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