Assassins Creed Screenies

Here are the screenies I got playing assassins creed. For those of you who don’t know it, its a third person game which the story goes in the medieval times where the Knights Templar and other parties made war with one another. I don’t give a damn about the truths about these stories, but the game is good. I’d give it about 8/10.

In the first half after about 2 missions you grow weary of the horse rides you need to make. But in the middle, they allow you to ‘warp’ to the destinations, saving a lot of time.

Enough talk, here are the pics;


A view from the highest viewpoint I could find



Taking up the assignment



Hiding among the scholars



Climbing to get a viewpoint…



Walking on the rooftops.



Entering a town on horseback. This is the part I previously noted as boring after a few goes..



A place in the Assassin’s Base.



Every person you assassinate, talks to you in their last moments revealing bits and pieces of the story.


Judging from some of the screenshots, you will notice the game features a lot of good graphics. The Graphic engine is rather good and performs really well on my 9600GT. It runs on DX10 mode and there are very little noticing points where the rate drops below 25. I’d say the engine is lightweight.! But I of all the people know, that is a very relative term. :D


There are some important places missing. Like the place where the animus is placed and the last episodes. But I’d leave it to you. There won’t be much fun if you don’t play the game ;)


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow! this looks cool.. gosh.. but i even didn't have time to call ya. so no need to talk about games.. :-/