Visit to the zoo…to see some sad sights!

Friends gathered yesterday (Saturday) for a picnic, actually to the zoo. There was Devinda, Anusha, Damitha, Saumya, Nadeera and of course me. We had a good time watching the animals, reptiles and birds. Got some great shots of a peacock too.

DSC06465 What joy would it have been if this peacock was in the wild and I got the photo from there?

But it concerns me about the condition of the animals. Some big cats were just left in a cage no bigger than my room. Take note a carnivore in it’s natural habitat owns several acres of land. Claiming its territory when another competes with it. Marking the boundaries… but here…! Its a sad situation for even some lions and tigers. I saw 5 full grown Bengali Tigers, all of them in huge pit like cages. With no trees and only concrete walls and steps to entertain them.


 They deserve more space. And not just concrete surroundings some water and grass perhaps?

Its a sad sight indeed. The government or the Wildlife department need to consider the situation of the animals more than they do now. Considering the fact that most of these animals are not endangered, the death of a Bengali would mean disaster for the world as well as the zoo. India would never give us any animals again if they are treated this way… We need to do something about this, and fast.

And remember, if you ever visit the zoo, don’t rouse the animals. They live their entire lives in a small cage, just for us to see them about once a year! And don’t feed them crap! It might kill them too. Love all things. Humans kill for their religions which none of them follow correctly.!

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