nVidia…still fails me…

imageimage I know its about time I got a new monitor and let the things at rest with my resolution problem. But money is a big factor this time. So I’d have to work out with what I have.!!!

nVidia released the newest version of their forceware drivers 190.38. So I went ahead and downloaded the files and installed it. Well, I knew it was a long shot but I had a little dream that nVidia might have optimized the communication with Windows 7.

But unluckily, the issue with the custom resolutions was still there. They’ve changed the UI and all other stuff to make me hit the brick wall at the monitor detection. If the monitor is not correctly detected by the System, the option to override resolution will be grayed in windows. Which makes the Forceware driver’s attempts to override the native monitor resolutions to be stopped.


So it seems I’d have to wait a little longer. And this is the x64 driver that I tested. I know that my system works with the Win Vista x64 Forceware version 182.06 which I use. So I’d have to try the 32bit version of this new forceware and see whether they have fixed the issues.

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