Hiding Live messenger and Live Mail in the Notification area in Windows 7

Source: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/15/workaround-to-hide-and-minimize-windows-live-messenger-iconbutton-to-notification-area-system-tray-in-windows-7/


Windows live messenger and Live mail don’t hide in the Notification area in Win 7 like they did in Win Vista. They linger in the taskbar when minimized and there is no option to tell it to hide. It appears with a hidden window with the contact picture with it.


But you can override it. All you need is to run Live Messenger and Live mail in Compatibility mode for Vista.

To do it, Close Messenger and Live mail and open the start menu and then type “live” to list the live Messenger (or Live mail) and right click it to open the menu.


Then select properties and go to the Compatibility


Select any one from the Vista list and click OK. Then re-open Live messenger (or Live Mail if you did it for Live mail)


Messenger will give a some messages saying its installing and then it will start. After that, you will no longer see the hidden window and the Messenger and Live mail will be in the Notification area and you have the option to choose to minimize them to it.

image image

Live mail will also minimize and you can choose from the Notification area whether to do it or not.

Happy Win 7.

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