nVidia…still fails me…

imageimage I know its about time I got a new monitor and let the things at rest with my resolution problem. But money is a big factor this time. So I’d have to work out with what I have.!!!

nVidia released the newest version of their forceware drivers 190.38. So I went ahead and downloaded the files and installed it. Well, I knew it was a long shot but I had a little dream that nVidia might have optimized the communication with Windows 7.

But unluckily, the issue with the custom resolutions was still there. They’ve changed the UI and all other stuff to make me hit the brick wall at the monitor detection. If the monitor is not correctly detected by the System, the option to override resolution will be grayed in windows. Which makes the Forceware driver’s attempts to override the native monitor resolutions to be stopped.


So it seems I’d have to wait a little longer. And this is the x64 driver that I tested. I know that my system works with the Win Vista x64 Forceware version 182.06 which I use. So I’d have to try the 32bit version of this new forceware and see whether they have fixed the issues.

රාවණ යළිත් කරළියට…

අපි හැමෝම දන්නවා මහාවංශය කියන්නෙ අපේ රටේ ඉතිහාසය ගැන ලියවුණු ඉතාම වැදගත් පොතක්. නමුත් මහාවංශයේ කියල නැති අපේ රටේ ස්වර්ණමය යුගයක් තියන බව දන්නෙ කීයෙන් කී දෙනාද?

විජය ගෙන් සිංහල ජාතිය පැවත එන බව කියලා හෙළ නමට කරල තියන අසාධාරණය කියල නිම කරන්න බෑ. විජයාගමනයෙදි කුවේණි කපු කටිමින් හිටිය කියලා ඒක එතනින් අතෑරල දාන්න තරං අපේ සමහරු පෙළඹිලා. ඊට පෙර අපේ ර‍ට කොච්චර දියුණු වෙලා තිබ්බද? වාල්මිකී ගෙන් පටන් අරං අද ‍CNN, BBC හා යුරෝපා රටවල් වෙනකන් ලංකාවෙ හොඳ නම කැත කරන්න උත්සාහ ගත්තා.

උන් නොදන්න එක දෙයක් තියනවා. මේ රට බුදුවරුන්ගෙ පාද ස්පර්ශය ලබපු රටක්. ගෞතම බුදුන් විතරක් නෙමේ, කාශ්‍යප බුදුනුත් වැඩපු ර‍ටට වින කරන්න ලේසි නෑ.

නමුත් හෙළ රජුන්ගෙ නම් දැන් දැන් එළියට එන්න අරං. රාවණා ට මේ අතරින් විශේෂ තැනක් හිමි වෙනවා. දැන් දවස් කීපයක ඉඳං Elakiri.com එකේ කට්ටිය මේ ගැන සාකච්ඡා කරනවා. ආසාවක් තියනව නම් කියවල බලන්න.


සීගිරිය, දඬුමොනරය ‍වගේ දුලබ දේවල් ගැන ටිකක් දැන ගන්න පුළුවන් වෙයි.

Visit to the zoo…to see some sad sights!

Friends gathered yesterday (Saturday) for a picnic, actually to the zoo. There was Devinda, Anusha, Damitha, Saumya, Nadeera and of course me. We had a good time watching the animals, reptiles and birds. Got some great shots of a peacock too.

DSC06465 What joy would it have been if this peacock was in the wild and I got the photo from there?

But it concerns me about the condition of the animals. Some big cats were just left in a cage no bigger than my room. Take note a carnivore in it’s natural habitat owns several acres of land. Claiming its territory when another competes with it. Marking the boundaries… but here…! Its a sad situation for even some lions and tigers. I saw 5 full grown Bengali Tigers, all of them in huge pit like cages. With no trees and only concrete walls and steps to entertain them.


 They deserve more space. And not just concrete surroundings some water and grass perhaps?

Its a sad sight indeed. The government or the Wildlife department need to consider the situation of the animals more than they do now. Considering the fact that most of these animals are not endangered, the death of a Bengali would mean disaster for the world as well as the zoo. India would never give us any animals again if they are treated this way… We need to do something about this, and fast.

And remember, if you ever visit the zoo, don’t rouse the animals. They live their entire lives in a small cage, just for us to see them about once a year! And don’t feed them crap! It might kill them too. Love all things. Humans kill for their religions which none of them follow correctly.!

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How to remove “New” list entries in Windows Vista and 7 and save your time…

When you right click on either the desktop or on a window, you get a menu called “New” and in this menu are options to create new items. Most used of these are “New Folder” and “New Text Document”. But there are some other entries in PCs that are unused and slow the popping up of the menu altogether. Whenever you need to create a new folder, it takes ages for the menu to appear because of these unwanted and unused entries.

To remove these entries in XP, there is a cool tool called “Tweak UI” (Please read the page before installing it if you need to). It has some built in stuff to tweak the look and feel of XP and speed things up. And its a must-use for you speed hungry people I suppose.! :D

For Vista and Win7, there was a tool called Tweak VI, but it is too complicated to use and there are too many menus even I couldn’t find the place to do this removal of “New” lists.

Therefore to do this, you need to do some manual registry editing. First of all open up the Registry editor by typing “regedit” in the run window or in the start menu search bar.




Then the registry editor will open up. From the Registry tree, navigate to the sub tree HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

You will see a list of extensions in the submenu. Now, go to the desktop, and right click and go to the “New” menu. Take note of one entry you need to remove. Lets assume you need to remove “New BMP image”. In HKCR menu, select the “.bmp” submenu and under that you will see another submenu called “ShellNew

If you need, take a backup of the “.bmp” tree before you do anything. (By right Click and then select “Export” and give a location to save the structure") Then after that delete the “ShellNew” folder altogether. Now go back and see whether the entry is there in the “New” menu. It should be gone.

Do this to all unwanted entries. If you don’t know the extension of the “new” thing is going to create, create it and check the extension from file properties and give it the shot!


One of the tricky entries in Vista and Win7 is the “Windows Live call” Entry. Its located in HKCR/.wlcshrtctv2

The removal of the entry is shown in the pic below.



Hope this will clean out the “New” menu and speed your system up!

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Removing the phone…

My phone had some issues with the Earphone. A lot of people complained after taking calls off it, that the earphone volume was so low. Even after getting used to, I felt it too in noisy surroundings. After seeing what the phone shop guy did to the old NOKIA 6630, I decided to remove the phone myself rather than pay money to stupid guys who know nothing. (A guy at Liberty plaza took the 6630 to ‘replace’ the charging unit and what he has done was scratch the contacts to the phone from the charging jack!)



My toolset


Since I had the right tools to do it, I decided to go ahead. Watched a demo from youtube featuring a chinese guy removing a K750i. The phones are similar and I took off.

The hard part was to remove the clip-in parts/ I didn’t have the tool to remove them. The original tool has a flat plastic part which you can put in between the parts and take the things apart. For this, I used an old SIM card. It did the trick!

The bad news was that I had to go up to the final point of removal to get to the earpiece speaker. That means removing the Display and the keypad base. Both of which had ribbon connectors to them. And I also had to remove the mainboard which also had a ribbon connector from the camera coming to it.!!

DSC00064 The Display and the key base. Although they’re on top of each other they are two different parts.


DSC00063 The phone before taking off the Main-Board. The Ribbon coming from the Camera is visible in Silver color.


DSC00068The board and the casing Notice the ribbon from the camera, which is on the casing. 



The button which connects to the camera key. This button has 2 stages focus and shoot. Observe the LED on the right side of it, which lights up the button when the camera is turned on.

Phew.! After a lot of effort I was able to remove the mainboard and I cleaned the contacts to the earpiece.

infoThis is the back of the mainboard where you find the contacts to the earpiece. 


Observe the buttons for power on top, Play/Pause on the lower side and Volume Up/Down on the top side of the picture.

After cleaning everything, the hard part was to put it together. (as always :D)

The ribbons are the hardest to re-connect. They are in the most hard-to-reach areas in the board. The removal is easy coz you just have to pull it out. But fixing is hard. Luckily Nadeera was around so I asked her to hold the flashlight of her phone till I fix the ribbon of the Key Base and the Display.!

After all things were in place, I tested the volume. I think its gotten a little better. But not to the amount I expected it to go. What the heck! I removed a phone and put it back together and it works. That’s all the fun I’d need!!!

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Hiding Live messenger and Live Mail in the Notification area in Windows 7

Source: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/15/workaround-to-hide-and-minimize-windows-live-messenger-iconbutton-to-notification-area-system-tray-in-windows-7/


Windows live messenger and Live mail don’t hide in the Notification area in Win 7 like they did in Win Vista. They linger in the taskbar when minimized and there is no option to tell it to hide. It appears with a hidden window with the contact picture with it.


But you can override it. All you need is to run Live Messenger and Live mail in Compatibility mode for Vista.

To do it, Close Messenger and Live mail and open the start menu and then type “live” to list the live Messenger (or Live mail) and right click it to open the menu.


Then select properties and go to the Compatibility


Select any one from the Vista list and click OK. Then re-open Live messenger (or Live Mail if you did it for Live mail)


Messenger will give a some messages saying its installing and then it will start. After that, you will no longer see the hidden window and the Messenger and Live mail will be in the Notification area and you have the option to choose to minimize them to it.

image image

Live mail will also minimize and you can choose from the Notification area whether to do it or not.

Happy Win 7.

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