After a some time and many events…

Lot of things happened in this week and the last. I’ll start from the top. It was the Batch get together on the 20th of June and we all go together at Palm Village Hotel in Uswatakeiyawa. I went by my car and Anusha and Lakshitha came with me in Anusha’s car. After a lot of Off-Road action because of Lakshitha’s Superb Navigation skills, we arrived at the place (with a mud-clad Maruti and a beaten up Corolla of course!)

We had some good time there. Several of our batch mates who went abroad were also there because the convocation was on the 25th.


This is a picture of the lawn of the hotel. It was a good place. But could have been better with the food varieties ;)



The first to arrive at the scene.! Thanks to Anusha’s Omnia i900 and Google Maps and some serious Navigation by Lakshitha!




This is a part of the lot!

We had some fun till the evening and went home. It all ended fine. But the events did not!

On the 24th, I got a call from Nadeera, saying her Grandpa was sick. He didn’t seem quite well the last time we visited in the weekend before that, and I also thought it was a minor hiccup which he has from time to time. But Granny was desperate for us to come. But by the time at about 7 am, when we went there, he had passed away!!

Sad time indeed.! I had to skip going to work and take some necessary action needed.! After the Grama-Niladhari (The Sherriff equivalent Sri Lankan role) came in and gave the report, I helped the parlor guys to take the body for the necessary preservation actions to be done before the body was brought back home. I had to go to Awissawella on that day for some office work, and by the time I was back, seeya’s Body was home from the parlor.

I stayed there with my parents till it was about 11pm and we had to leave, coz on the next day, the 25th, it was my convocation!

And what a day that was! To start with, I got collided with another car on the road in the morning on the way to the ceremony. Left fender was bent like a creek! Damn these idiots who drive like maniacs. The car driver suddenly put the car across the road for a U-Turn despite my signals and horns! He didn’t even see me.! All he saw was me screeching towards his door and hitting it!!

I had the senses to get into the scene and take some photos.


Why did the idiot cross the road? Answer: To take a U-turn!



Anyway, the insurance guy came after a few minutes and we went to the police station and informed that we will come in the evening and put the report in, which we did.

In the convocation, the proceedings went well. But I had made the grave mistake of paying the Photographers the money for all the shots.! We had to wait in queues for three hours straight! Damn! If you haven’t got the degree, guys (specially you chamitha) don’t pay for the photo guys those are in the Uni when you go to collect the cloak.!!! Take your photos from somewhere else! For heavens sake, use a Digi cam and put a good background and print it! Saves money and time!

When we asked whether we can take the photo on some other day in their studio, the bloodsuckers at Jonathan’s Studio asked FOUR TIMES the initial amount (thats 6000 rupees) to take the same photo in the studio! If you’re taking photos for some occasion, avoid the Jonathans!


Old pals together once again! Its hard to get all four in one place at once!


This is what those Jonathans guys asked 1500 and 6000 for! Good shooting Anusha!





So we came back at about 6pm.! Straight back home and then to Siddamulla coz there was still work left to do!

On Friday it was seeya’s funeral but I missed it by 30 minutes because of the bus was so slow! Man! this week has been a damn bad one!

But I was able to get to the house to give some help to serve the visitors.

Its been a hard week but I’m still intact! Hope to get the car fixed in the next week and bring back things to normal situations!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    congratz man... i'm 1 year behind .. :) btw.. parissamin yanna anaganne nathuwa.. n the money u spent on insurence is really really worthwhile... :P

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    You're right about the insurance!
    Anyway, I went at about 45. What can you do when a car just appears on the road!?