Win Seven RC – 1

I’ve been waiting for this quite a while…you know what this is right? Its the Windows Seven Release Client One. The 7100 build that just came out of Microsoft. I was able to download the whole OS in about 8 hours thanks to the internet connection at office which gave me almost 1M throughput ;)

So I got the latest Windows live stuff from there too. I had to trick the messenger site to give me the redistributable of the live clients. It just gives out a web setup. I was adamant not to waste bandwidth at home and tricked the site to give me the real setup.

So I’m running Windows 7 RC –1 with most of the typical software I use with Vista. Skype was a bit buggy. I have to get the latest setup and see. I’ve installed the live mail and it works really well with the Google IMAP and Hotmail’s HTTP. There are no hang-ups like in Outlook when I use IMAP.

I’m now using the live writer to write this too..



This is how it looks like :D The low score for the HDD is because I run the OS in the smaller and slower HDD. If I install this in the main HDD, The lowest score will be my teeny weeny processor the E2140.

Still have to see what it does with Games. I haven’t tried to run any game yet.

So far, the Live Writer has been great. Wonder where its going to put the pictures I’ve put here!

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