Turning a blind eye on Terrorism

It is quite obvious that Australia, Canada and the UK are turning a blind eye towards the incidents related to the abuses that happen to Sri Lankans that live in those countries. This fact is proven again and again by the attacks to the Sri Lankan places of gathering and interest in Canada and the attack on the Sri Lankan couple in Australia and there were some reported incidents in the UK as well.

Canadians never accepted the true nature of what the LTTE is, therefore, they can be clearly categorized as a breeding ground for all sorts of terrorists. With less law enforcement and less action taken on violence, it may become the next safe heaven for the terrorists that cannot live in other countries, making Canada impossible to live for other people.

But it is alarming how the Aussies are turning a blind eye onto the events that took place these days. For once, the LTTE showed off their might in the center of Sydney, which was merely out done by our patriotic Sri Lankans living in Aussie. Cheers to them, they kept the LTTE scum in control for all this time, giving their time, money and even risking their lives in the process. You are all heroes who deserve credit in this process of stopping terror in Sri Lanka.

If this continues to happen, us Sri Lankans will have to take some preventive measures. It is high time that these countries did something about the incidents and we give some good talking to their ambassadors here.!

Australia, UK, Canada, this is your call, help us stop this cancer, prove for the last time, that you support humanity, not Terrorism.!!

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