Sri Lanka Starts to wade off the terrorists..

the 55th and the 59th Squads of the Sri Lankan Army has entered the Civilian Safe Zone where the LTTE Terrorists are holding them as a human shield. LTTE has fired phosphorous clad weapons towards the fleeing people, clearly violating the Geneva convention.

As I write the Fara 3 ship which was hijacked by the terrorists has been recovered by the Army. The troops are spearheading the NFZ in search of the terror leader Pirabaharan, who claimed to be the liberator for the Tamils but later ordered the execution of many innocent people who tried to escape the war at their will.

The LTTE is a Terrorist Organization that has been fighting for a separate strip of land for the beneficiary of the terror leaders and Drugs and arms traffic. But the Sri Lankan Army has put the battle to the limit and the beginning of the end has come…!

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