Road to Victory…Brave soldiers of SL turn the impossible to inevitable !!

As of the time writing this, Sri Lankan Armed forces have cornered the bloodthirsty LTTE leaders in an area lesser than one square kilometer. News just arrived that two LTTE terrorist leaders ‘Swarnam’ and ‘Shashi master’ are dead.

The tendency is that the war will be over in just hours time. SLDF was trying to get the final operations done before the Indian election counts were over and their government was in place. But unlike the Sri Lankans feared, the ruling party has become one that is friendly to Sri Lanka and one that supports the humanitarian missions. But now, it does not matter for the war. But for the international presence of terrorism, we have to have all the ties that help us.

The world should be in debt to Sri Lanka, because we are the first to defeat a modern terrorist outfit and win over a war that ran for a long period of time. Even advanced countries like UK went for a compromise for their problem. UK, US and other countries should learn that Terrorists are not humans. They are a mal-bred community that should be irradiated, a pest that should be wiped out.


All hails to the brave hands of the Sri Lankan armed forces. You are our guardians, our saviors, our friends, our gods…!!

For all the brave sons and daughters who gave their lives in war, I wish they attain Nibbana…you will never be forgotten, the country will for ever remember you as long as we linger here in this world, we will remember you.!!!

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