Paradise Reawakens…!

After a fierce battle, our valiant soldiers have won over terrorism. Yesterday, our president announced that the country was free from terrorists and it is once again, under a single flag! Today, forces recovered the body of the terrorist leader who ran a 30 year long war against humanity, killing tens of thousands of people.

After three decades, humanity won over terrorism. My country is once again free. No one shall live in fear, no one shall come and tell us what to do and how, we are free…

As the stock market went high up in the sky, I feel that the long awaited economic stability is once again coming to the country. Sri Lanka may very well be the first to conquer this world economic crisis as well.

People will move along with little concern about what dangers await them. Now that the security situation has improved, the barriers and barricades will also open up in a few months time.

But we must not let our guard down. Mostly for us, who stand guard in the cyber realms…for us, the fire was only stopped, it is up to us to put water on the embers.

Sri Lanka will grow to the friendly nation it was once again, and people will come from world round, to witness the nation who stood against the most ruthless enemy…

All heroes who gave their lives are not forgotten. They will continue to guard us from heaven, watching over our land, our pride.

Welcome to Paradise…the Pearl of the Indian Ocean…

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