Long weekend for Wesak, Lot of work and play

We got a 3 day holiday for the Wesak festival. Although I didn't go out to see the lanterns like last time, this time, I had a lot of work to do. On Saturday, we had a small get together at Aruna Aiya's place. It was to celebrate the little girls' birthday and to get together for the new year, which passed a few weeks ago.

So the usual happened. Since I had the car, I took a ball and some spare clothes with me too. Obviously, to play cricket :D
You might remember we did the same thing in the same place on the New year last time. Same team too :D Me, Lahiru and Chamidu.

But we had some spectators too. Lille Savini watched us getting all dirt clad and one tennis ball hungry dog, Blacky, was keen on the play. Actually what he was after was the ball. He eventually managed to get it once. We had to give him lunch to make the guy let the ball go!

See, the pitch is just yards from this playful puppy. :D He's friendly but likes the tennis ball too much. :D

While we played our muscles to the limit, our parents and relatives chatted... What kind of stuff they talked about; god knows! :D

In the evening, it was the birthday hour and everyone got together for the celebration of a dual birthday of the lil kids

And Thevini.

Aruna aiya got hold of these birthday hats from some place and we just had to wear them... and like always, I tested two of them on me :D

and the others weren't left out too ;)

so we sang a happy birthday and gave the cake some attention ;)

This is the whole lot that participated.

And then onto Sunday, thats today :D
Today was work-day :D
Not that I had to go to office. Because Punchi amma and family was moving to a new home. Both the new and old houses are in Mattegoda and they are nearby. So we shifted all the stuff mostly by hand. Today, Aruna aiya and Podi mama came along and we did some renovations in the new house since they were supposed to move in at the auspicious time tomorrow. I had to endure the pain in my body from yesterday's play (Playing after about 3,4 months) and do some serious heavy lifting. From Cupboards to beds and from clothes to Refrigerators.

But for the big stuff like Beds and fridges, we hired a small lorry and we took the stuff in that.
Thats me enjoying the ride with all the stuff loaded.

Look at all the dust and sweat... :P

Its damn tiring to work these days. Adding to my muscle pains, comes the heat. its damn hot in Sri Lanka these days and the humidity was unbearable. But at the end of the day, we were happy...thats the whole plan of getting your hands dirty. At the end of it, you feel fun to have done all that work :D

What a weekend..!

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