Got the screen resolution at last.!!

I was dying to get the bigger 1160x870 screen resolution on Win 7 for ages. I was running it on Vista and it was the single thing that kept me from installing win7 as the main OS. And I was able to trick the monitor on the 3rd OS, to run a resolution it was not made to display!

I didn’t actually get the 1160x870, its 1160x871. I was unable to un-tick the checkbox that said “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” in display properties, it was grayed. So what I did was to install the drivers for the monitor, reluctantly that is! It was my only option. The only thing that was on the net as help. But alas!, that did not work. But I was adament to get this done. So I installed the previously removed nVidia Drivers. This time, the checkbox was not grayed!

So I did the tricks and tried many resolutions and failed. But getting this odd one was possible.

Screen resolution Properties

So I think I have to plan a migration this week. Win 7, you’re about to go hot!

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  1. Anusha Says:

    It's about time you bought a new monitor, don't you think?

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Its high time I got some money from someone for that :(