Call it ‘The Tsunami’ if you want…

During the past, many attempts were made to stop the war in our country, but this time was different. We stood adamant, and we never listened to the people we should not have listened to and we listened to the ones we should have, in the past.

The techniques used in the war was entirely different as our Army chief General Sarath Fonseka states in an interview with the state media. When faced with a question why he did not use a fancy name like “jaya-sikuru’, ‘desert storm’ or any other like that, his reply was fascinating.

His reply was; “People do that to gain popularity and political gains. I have no intention of doing either. Besides, naming operations is a thing like doing tele-dramas. But now that you ask for it, when the terrorists were once powerful, they used to call their offensive as ‘Prabha’s un-stoppable wave’, so I’ve thought that when people write history, if they need a name, they can use the word ‘The Tsunami’ if they want”

In the same interview he stated that we lost nearly 5000 brave hearts for the cause of freedom and we had a lot more permanently injured. It is them now we have to turn our attention to. Those men gave their lives to protect not only their country, but to protect us!!

The international community has not yet given up trying to make our country poor and helpless. They will try in many ways. When Human rights issues fail, they will try the war crimes slogan. When that fails, they will try to do something else, till we do something long term about those oil reserves around the country, we have a huge risk of becoming another Gaza strip or another Zimbabwe! And don’t fall for the sweets of US, EU and others, they want the oil and they want us dead. Vigilance is the way to go!

My prediction about the economy has come to light! Our stock market is going haywire with numbers. Let’s see my next one becomes true as well, SL being the key to getting out of the recession.!

All hail motherland!

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