Call it ‘The Tsunami’ if you want…

During the past, many attempts were made to stop the war in our country, but this time was different. We stood adamant, and we never listened to the people we should not have listened to and we listened to the ones we should have, in the past.

The techniques used in the war was entirely different as our Army chief General Sarath Fonseka states in an interview with the state media. When faced with a question why he did not use a fancy name like “jaya-sikuru’, ‘desert storm’ or any other like that, his reply was fascinating.

His reply was; “People do that to gain popularity and political gains. I have no intention of doing either. Besides, naming operations is a thing like doing tele-dramas. But now that you ask for it, when the terrorists were once powerful, they used to call their offensive as ‘Prabha’s un-stoppable wave’, so I’ve thought that when people write history, if they need a name, they can use the word ‘The Tsunami’ if they want”

In the same interview he stated that we lost nearly 5000 brave hearts for the cause of freedom and we had a lot more permanently injured. It is them now we have to turn our attention to. Those men gave their lives to protect not only their country, but to protect us!!

The international community has not yet given up trying to make our country poor and helpless. They will try in many ways. When Human rights issues fail, they will try the war crimes slogan. When that fails, they will try to do something else, till we do something long term about those oil reserves around the country, we have a huge risk of becoming another Gaza strip or another Zimbabwe! And don’t fall for the sweets of US, EU and others, they want the oil and they want us dead. Vigilance is the way to go!

My prediction about the economy has come to light! Our stock market is going haywire with numbers. Let’s see my next one becomes true as well, SL being the key to getting out of the recession.!

All hail motherland!

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Turning a blind eye on Terrorism

It is quite obvious that Australia, Canada and the UK are turning a blind eye towards the incidents related to the abuses that happen to Sri Lankans that live in those countries. This fact is proven again and again by the attacks to the Sri Lankan places of gathering and interest in Canada and the attack on the Sri Lankan couple in Australia and there were some reported incidents in the UK as well.

Canadians never accepted the true nature of what the LTTE is, therefore, they can be clearly categorized as a breeding ground for all sorts of terrorists. With less law enforcement and less action taken on violence, it may become the next safe heaven for the terrorists that cannot live in other countries, making Canada impossible to live for other people.

But it is alarming how the Aussies are turning a blind eye onto the events that took place these days. For once, the LTTE showed off their might in the center of Sydney, which was merely out done by our patriotic Sri Lankans living in Aussie. Cheers to them, they kept the LTTE scum in control for all this time, giving their time, money and even risking their lives in the process. You are all heroes who deserve credit in this process of stopping terror in Sri Lanka.

If this continues to happen, us Sri Lankans will have to take some preventive measures. It is high time that these countries did something about the incidents and we give some good talking to their ambassadors here.!

Australia, UK, Canada, this is your call, help us stop this cancer, prove for the last time, that you support humanity, not Terrorism.!!

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Paradise Reawakens…!

After a fierce battle, our valiant soldiers have won over terrorism. Yesterday, our president announced that the country was free from terrorists and it is once again, under a single flag! Today, forces recovered the body of the terrorist leader who ran a 30 year long war against humanity, killing tens of thousands of people.

After three decades, humanity won over terrorism. My country is once again free. No one shall live in fear, no one shall come and tell us what to do and how, we are free…

As the stock market went high up in the sky, I feel that the long awaited economic stability is once again coming to the country. Sri Lanka may very well be the first to conquer this world economic crisis as well.

People will move along with little concern about what dangers await them. Now that the security situation has improved, the barriers and barricades will also open up in a few months time.

But we must not let our guard down. Mostly for us, who stand guard in the cyber realms…for us, the fire was only stopped, it is up to us to put water on the embers.

Sri Lanka will grow to the friendly nation it was once again, and people will come from world round, to witness the nation who stood against the most ruthless enemy…

All heroes who gave their lives are not forgotten. They will continue to guard us from heaven, watching over our land, our pride.

Welcome to Paradise…the Pearl of the Indian Ocean…

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Got the screen resolution at last.!!

I was dying to get the bigger 1160x870 screen resolution on Win 7 for ages. I was running it on Vista and it was the single thing that kept me from installing win7 as the main OS. And I was able to trick the monitor on the 3rd OS, to run a resolution it was not made to display!

I didn’t actually get the 1160x870, its 1160x871. I was unable to un-tick the checkbox that said “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” in display properties, it was grayed. So what I did was to install the drivers for the monitor, reluctantly that is! It was my only option. The only thing that was on the net as help. But alas!, that did not work. But I was adament to get this done. So I installed the previously removed nVidia Drivers. This time, the checkbox was not grayed!

So I did the tricks and tried many resolutions and failed. But getting this odd one was possible.

Screen resolution Properties

So I think I have to plan a migration this week. Win 7, you’re about to go hot!

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Road to Victory…Brave soldiers of SL turn the impossible to inevitable !!

As of the time writing this, Sri Lankan Armed forces have cornered the bloodthirsty LTTE leaders in an area lesser than one square kilometer. News just arrived that two LTTE terrorist leaders ‘Swarnam’ and ‘Shashi master’ are dead.

The tendency is that the war will be over in just hours time. SLDF was trying to get the final operations done before the Indian election counts were over and their government was in place. But unlike the Sri Lankans feared, the ruling party has become one that is friendly to Sri Lanka and one that supports the humanitarian missions. But now, it does not matter for the war. But for the international presence of terrorism, we have to have all the ties that help us.

The world should be in debt to Sri Lanka, because we are the first to defeat a modern terrorist outfit and win over a war that ran for a long period of time. Even advanced countries like UK went for a compromise for their problem. UK, US and other countries should learn that Terrorists are not humans. They are a mal-bred community that should be irradiated, a pest that should be wiped out.


All hails to the brave hands of the Sri Lankan armed forces. You are our guardians, our saviors, our friends, our gods…!!

For all the brave sons and daughters who gave their lives in war, I wish they attain Nibbana…you will never be forgotten, the country will for ever remember you as long as we linger here in this world, we will remember you.!!!

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Sri Lanka Starts to wade off the terrorists..

the 55th and the 59th Squads of the Sri Lankan Army has entered the Civilian Safe Zone where the LTTE Terrorists are holding them as a human shield. LTTE has fired phosphorous clad weapons towards the fleeing people, clearly violating the Geneva convention.

As I write the Fara 3 ship which was hijacked by the terrorists has been recovered by the Army. The troops are spearheading the NFZ in search of the terror leader Pirabaharan, who claimed to be the liberator for the Tamils but later ordered the execution of many innocent people who tried to escape the war at their will.

The LTTE is a Terrorist Organization that has been fighting for a separate strip of land for the beneficiary of the terror leaders and Drugs and arms traffic. But the Sri Lankan Army has put the battle to the limit and the beginning of the end has come…!

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Win Seven RC – 1

I’ve been waiting for this quite a while…you know what this is right? Its the Windows Seven Release Client One. The 7100 build that just came out of Microsoft. I was able to download the whole OS in about 8 hours thanks to the internet connection at office which gave me almost 1M throughput ;)

So I got the latest Windows live stuff from there too. I had to trick the messenger site to give me the redistributable of the live clients. It just gives out a web setup. I was adamant not to waste bandwidth at home and tricked the site to give me the real setup.

So I’m running Windows 7 RC –1 with most of the typical software I use with Vista. Skype was a bit buggy. I have to get the latest setup and see. I’ve installed the live mail and it works really well with the Google IMAP and Hotmail’s HTTP. There are no hang-ups like in Outlook when I use IMAP.

I’m now using the live writer to write this too..



This is how it looks like :D The low score for the HDD is because I run the OS in the smaller and slower HDD. If I install this in the main HDD, The lowest score will be my teeny weeny processor the E2140.

Still have to see what it does with Games. I haven’t tried to run any game yet.

So far, the Live Writer has been great. Wonder where its going to put the pictures I’ve put here!

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Long weekend for Wesak, Lot of work and play

We got a 3 day holiday for the Wesak festival. Although I didn't go out to see the lanterns like last time, this time, I had a lot of work to do. On Saturday, we had a small get together at Aruna Aiya's place. It was to celebrate the little girls' birthday and to get together for the new year, which passed a few weeks ago.

So the usual happened. Since I had the car, I took a ball and some spare clothes with me too. Obviously, to play cricket :D
You might remember we did the same thing in the same place on the New year last time. Same team too :D Me, Lahiru and Chamidu.

But we had some spectators too. Lille Savini watched us getting all dirt clad and one tennis ball hungry dog, Blacky, was keen on the play. Actually what he was after was the ball. He eventually managed to get it once. We had to give him lunch to make the guy let the ball go!

See, the pitch is just yards from this playful puppy. :D He's friendly but likes the tennis ball too much. :D

While we played our muscles to the limit, our parents and relatives chatted... What kind of stuff they talked about; god knows! :D

In the evening, it was the birthday hour and everyone got together for the celebration of a dual birthday of the lil kids

And Thevini.

Aruna aiya got hold of these birthday hats from some place and we just had to wear them... and like always, I tested two of them on me :D

and the others weren't left out too ;)

so we sang a happy birthday and gave the cake some attention ;)

This is the whole lot that participated.

And then onto Sunday, thats today :D
Today was work-day :D
Not that I had to go to office. Because Punchi amma and family was moving to a new home. Both the new and old houses are in Mattegoda and they are nearby. So we shifted all the stuff mostly by hand. Today, Aruna aiya and Podi mama came along and we did some renovations in the new house since they were supposed to move in at the auspicious time tomorrow. I had to endure the pain in my body from yesterday's play (Playing after about 3,4 months) and do some serious heavy lifting. From Cupboards to beds and from clothes to Refrigerators.

But for the big stuff like Beds and fridges, we hired a small lorry and we took the stuff in that.
Thats me enjoying the ride with all the stuff loaded.

Look at all the dust and sweat... :P

Its damn tiring to work these days. Adding to my muscle pains, comes the heat. its damn hot in Sri Lanka these days and the humidity was unbearable. But at the end of the day, we were happy...thats the whole plan of getting your hands dirty. At the end of it, you feel fun to have done all that work :D

What a weekend..!

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