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Since Anusha is having a bad time with the phone and the battery and running all round the country looking for spare parts, I decided to take a look in to my phone too.

I have a w810i, which I bought about 3 years back.

Well, its scratched too. Like Anusha's I also used it without a cover. Actually I used to have a cover for a few months and decided that I don't need an extra 20 or 30g in the pocket. The worst damage to it came when I fell with it about a month back on the pavement in front of my father's office. Yeah! stupid me.

Considering the stuff I do with the phone, even I am surprised. I use my phone for a loads of things including...

  • Calling
  • SMS
  • E-Mail (Instant retrieval with Gmail's IMAP. Which means I get the Blackberry's flagship feature for free)
  • Chatting with MSN, Yahoo, Skype and Gtalk contacts with Nimbuzz.
  • My Digital Camera. (Think phone cams suck? Check out the photos I took on the Ella trip)
  • Emergency Torch ;) (Put the phone to cam mode in no time and press the *. Its a torch! The menu is too far away, that is the best method for me)
  • Contact manager for Google's Contacts (Discovered recently with Google Sync)
  • Walkman (saved me from quite a few Bus-Songs)
  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Compass
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Dictionary
The list goes on.. These are not just the available features. That list is too big. This is the list that I use.

I just love my phone and I love Sony Ericsson. Like Anusha, I won't be switching phones for a long time. And when I do, I'll head straight to a SE. And unlike Nokia, this battery goes on for 2 days whatever I do on it. The most annoying thing happens when I use it for less things it tends to go for about 2.75 days :( thats when the battery dies on the way home :D

All in all. I love my Phone.!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    SE Rocks!!! :) BTW... Compass... How so??

  2. Kasun Says:

    thatz true, SE roxxx... I'v used 3 SE phones, T610i, K750i and my wonderful K800i. If im gonna switch again, it would be another SE for sure. SE keeps getting better and confusion with the menus, quick file access, high sound quality, extremely high quality camera.....Nokia suxxxx......

  3. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Its a small app. You just align the phone to the sun/moon and you get a more accurate direction of North. The sun is not exactly traveling through the East - West Line, so you can adjust the small change. Its not that accurate, but it gives some help.

  4. seneth devinda Says:

    Yeah bro, SE's the best, no doubt. I love my K800i.