Google Sync for Sony Ericsson

Google has rolled out sync for mobile devices. I have always wondered what the sync profile meant.. this is it. They are offering just contact sync right now. But I think they need to put up calendar sync very soon. If that is the case, I can use that to sync the phone with my PC and Google. Keeping the PC and Google in sync in the process. :D

This is how you set the sync settings for a SE. (I have w810i, they say it works for most SE's)

# Click the 'Menu' key and open the 'Organizer'.
# Select 'Synchronization'.
# Select 'New Account' and enter 'Google Sync' or any name of your choice.
# Enter the following values:

* Server address:
* Username: your Google Account username, e.g. (or like I used)
* Password: your Google password
* Connection: select the Internet access point for your carrier
* Applications: mark 'Contacts' only and click 'OK'
* App. settings: open 'Contacts' and for 'Database name' enter 'contacts' (lower case), leave other fields blank
* Sync. interval: choose how frequently you would like to synchronize with Google
* Leave other settings unchanged

# Click 'Save' to exit this screen and save your Sync profile.
# Highlight your new Sync profile and press 'Start'.

Happy hunting...

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