Giving the Mouse a new life

I bought my 5 button Mercury mouse almost 5~6 years ago. I still use it. The great thing about it is that it has two more programmable buttons than the normal 3-button scroll mouse. Speaking of scroll, that was the thing I had the problem with.!

My scrolling wheel got haywire about a year back. I'm now so used to scroll bars I don't need that scroll wheel much. I used to switch weapons in games with buttons.!!!
 But I got the chance to repair the broken wheel when I found an old mouse. Actually, it was one of my friends at office, Keshaka, who threw that old broken USB mouse coz it didn't move an inch. After the cleaning lady came and checked Keshaka's dustbin (when he was not there) I told the lady not to throw it away. I thought it had fallen off the desk to the dustbin. When I found out later that the mouse was broken, I got the idea of the wheel and I took it home (Thanks Keshaka!)

So I removed the covers and used my old soldering iron to remove the small shaft-encoder that was in the USB mouse. But I was not satisfied with the work. It damaged the PCB too much, and the last thing I wanted was a damaged PCB in my working mouse. So I asked my pal Sanka to bring the Sucker today to remove the encoder of the Mercury.

The removed encoder from the Mercury

I got to know that the encoders were different in height and I had to use a lot of time cutting the Aluminium parts to suit the Mercury's dimensions...

After a little effort and some soldering, the thing came togethter.... and I did some test runs.!

and guess what! It worked like a charm.!! I was right to guess the error in the shaft encoder. Yippee... I got a 100% working 5 button mouse now... I just HAVE to play Unreal 3 with this.! I couldn't play ANY game's weapon change or sniper zoom without the I can do it.

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