All it takes is one idiot.

This is the result when people with less talent gets the drivers licence. As you might know, my car was hit by a bus. When I asked for the compensation, the owner told me to go to courts and ask for it. Hell i will. I'll make sure that he learns a lesson. The paint guys asked for 28k for the repair. Lucky i get the insurance claim for this.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No comments about driving in SL roads.. :) but it's fun ne.. if we were in sm other country.. it'll be just driving.. no thrill ne.. lol... here.. it's like a GAME..

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    Some Game.!!!

  3. seneth devinda Says:

    daaaaa...........!!!! 28k ???, I thought it's below 10k. Well good for u and bad for insurance guys... Uhhhh, who cares, right?

  4. Anusha Says:

    Harsh luck!

    It's no fun avoiding potholes!!! It's the nice curvy roads that rock! You remember the hunt for best driving track in Top Gear?